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Alexander the Great is know as one of the bigest military geniuses. He is most famous for conquring the Persian Empire Egypt and Asia. Alexander the Great did not just conqure lands but also spread many cultures and religions. He was able to found 70 cities, 11 of which are called Alexandria. If that does not scream worlds largest ego I dont know what does.

This is a map of all the land Alexander was able to conquer

Alexander the great was the son of Philip II and Queen Olympia. Alexander took charge of the clalvary at age 18 and became king at age 20. King Philip II goal was to conquer the Persian Empire, he died before he ever got the chance. When Alexander took the throne he decided to follow through with his fathers goals and made them his goals too.

It took Alexander the great 6 years since he became king to Conquer the Persian Empire. Alexander the great acomplished so much at a young age including death because alexander the great died before his thirty-third birthday. sadly Alexanders great empire didnt last long because although alexander did many things in life he did not think about having an heir for this great empire. since this just happend to slip his mind all of the military generals got to fight and pick apart this great vast empire for themselfs.

It took Alexander about 10 year the build his empire. When Alexander the Great died it might as well been a celebration for these generals because they knew that this land would be theirs. It didnt take very long for this empire to be devided, as long as it took to bring the lands together it took to tear them apart. Eventhough the land was split apart a lot of the cultral influences stayed the same for quite a while.

We say it took Alexander th Great 10 years to build the empire he wanted. Some people dont relize that he would hve kept fighting and conquering if it werent for his troops not wanting to go any further. You might be thinking why didnt he just force he troops to keep going well the answer is simple, if your army is not motivated or still loyal the will just give up when the going gets though.

Alexander the Great was not just some young war and stratigic prodigy he go a toutor at the age of 13 named Aristotle. Alexander was raised in a traditional Macedonian way. He was taught medicine, philosophy, logic, and morals. By being taught all of this it gave king Philip II more confidence in his son that he could take on more responsibilities.


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