immigration act (20S) by lou faligot

The american president sign the immigration act.

What- The immigration act was enacted May 26, 1924. It was a United States federal law that limited the annual number of immigrants in the US. It principally for the immigrants from Southern Europeans and Eastern Europeans.

Who- This act happened when president Coolidge was elected so he signed theJohnson-Reed Act (immigration act). In the years following world war I a lot of immigrants from Southern and Eastern European arrive to the United State so this act was to restrict this numbers.

This picture show very good how much the people wanted to come to the United States but not a lot can afford to come!

When- This act act happened after World War I (1914-1918) in 1924. It was signed by the president Coolidge on may,26 1914 and was opperate the 1st of june. In 1965 the Hart-Cellar Act abolished the national origins quota system that had structured America's immigration policy since the 1920's.

Where- This act happened principally in the United State of America but it kind a happened every where in the world because this act is for stop immigrants to come.

Historical significance- The act represented the first major attempt to restrict immigration into the United States.

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