Chris Kyle The American Sniper

Would you like to learn about the greatest sniper in U.S history? If so, read on to find out more about him!

Chris Kyle, the man who saved hundreds of lives. Chris Kyles leadership, determination and heroism made him an obvious renaissance man. Chris Kyle was born on April 8th 1974 in Odessa Texas. First of all, Chris loved hunting and shooting guns ever since he was little, and he basically did everything with his little brother (Jeff Kyle). He went to Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas where he studied agriculture for two years. Before leaving for a job as a ranch hand, he went on to fulfill his lifelong dream, being in the military. So when Chris was 25, he joined the Navy and eventually gained admittance to its elite SEALs unit. Therefore, Chris went on to serve four deployments in Iraq as a sniper. In conclusion, His experience with guns, hunting and agriculture helped him a lot later on in his military career.

Chris Kyle as a kid with his little brother Jeff Kyle

“After the first kill, the others come easy.” -Chris Kyle

When Chris Kyle went on to serve his 4 year deployment in Iraq he had a confirmed 160 kills. His first was an Iraq woman holding a grenade with her child next to her, and then she gave her child the grenade and the child ran towards a group of U.S marines. Following this further, Chris Kyle was such a threat to terrorists that they even nicknamed him “The Devil of Ramadi” and eventually put a bounty on his head that quickly rose to $180,000! Also, Chris Kyle, his Marines and other Navy SEALs with him were under attack several times, and Chris Kyle was involved in 6 IED explosions and was shot twice but was never critically injured. To add on to, Chris Kyle’s longest shot was 2,100 yards! It was a man in a window with an RPG aiming at a Marines tank when Chris Kyle spotted him and saved his Marines. To wrap up, some people probably don't really like the fact of him killing people, but think of the people he saved! Civilians, Marines, other SEALs, he’s a true renaissance person!

The gun Chris Kyle used in Iraq

“The thing we all had in common wasn't muscle,

it was the will to do whatever it takes.” -Chris Kyle

After Chris Kyle’s six years of training and his 4 year deployment in Iraq, he finally retired from the military in 2009. He became very well known for what he did and Chris even earned two silver stars, five bronze stars, one Navy and Marine Corps commendation medal and two Navy and Marine Corps achievement medals (10 medals in total). Afterwards, he lived a very good life and eventually got married to Taya Kyle and later Chris and Taya had kids, a little boy named Colton and a little girl named McKenna. Chris also wrote a book called “American Sniper” that is about his journey in Iraq. But on February 2nd 2013 all of this joy would come to an end, Chris was murdered at a gun range by a former Marine named Eddie Ray Routh. As a result, everyone was devastated and they held a huge ceremony honoring his death in Texas. People even made a movie about him called “American Sniper” directed by Clint Eastwood. To wrap this all up, Chris went down as the greatest U.S sniper of all time and was an obvious Renaissance person.

Chris Kyle with his wife and kids
  • Marines and SEALs nicknamed Chris Kyle the "Legend"
  • Chris got his first gun when he was 8!
  • Chris joined the Navy when he was 24 years old
  • Chris Kyle was the greatest U.S sniper of all time
  • Chris Kyle was 6ft 2in and weighed 229lbs
  • Two people with guns tried stealing Chris's truck after he retired for the military (it didn't end well for them)
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