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We were happy to say goodbye to Marda’s home away from home for the past ten months. The doctor says, no more cancer!

She can finally taste her coffee again!


I had the opportunity to spend some time in Albania.

Where I was able to teach biblical counselors on the subject of compassion.

It was a real joy to get to know the missionaries who invited me who are currently training biblical counselors.

I also had the chance to visit my first former Communist dictator’s underground bunker.

And some beautiful ancient ruins.

We were encouraged by the work God’s doing in Albania.

Especially, as we got to meet with believers who are involved in training pastors and starting strategic initiatives to reach out to their community and make disciples.

Will you pray with me that God will do a mighty work in Albania in the years ahead? We long for the day when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


I thought I would share a portion of the testimony of one of the young ladies who was baptized this month at Living Hope. It was such a joy to hear of God’s work in her life and I hope it gives you another reason to praise Him today.

“Early this year, on the 4th of Feb I met with with this friendly guy who is now one of my closest friends. He used to persistently, patiently and tirelessly share the Gospel of Christ and him Crucified with me. I was ignorant and oblivious to this ‘new’ truth that I thought was a different Gospel. I thank God that this friend of mine never gave up on me, he understood that everything that was happening was under God’s Sovereignty and that it wasn’t a coincidence that we had met, and that salvation is a gift from above, and that God reveals himself to whoever he chooses, salvation is a supernatural work of the Spirit of God that takes place in a guilty sinner’s heart at the appointed time when that person chooses to step down from his or her throne and letting Christ take residence in that person’s heart as his or her Lord and Saviour.

So then he continued to share the Good News with me, he even gave me a book to read that was based on the prosperity gospel. We would listen to Ps Josh’s sermons in our leisure time and Pastor Josh would excellently clarify some major themes in the Bible, that I just couldn’t work my way through or even tend to fathom. The Following Jesus Class was also very helpful in clarifying the way of salvation. This friend of mine invited me to church on the 15th of April 2018,the sermon was about The Kingdom, preached by Pastor Josh. For the first time in my life have I heard such deep and profound teaching. It was a preaching that was different from the one I was used to. The Word of God was treated with so much care,biblical texts weren’t twisted or taken out of context,the whole bible wasn’t ignored and wasn’t misinterpreted. Pastor Josh showed integrity,dignity in his teaching and sound in speech that could not be condemned. The Bible was treated as God’s holy, authoritative and most important book that it truly is,the Bible was taught in an expository manner. I was astounded and confused at what was happening to me at that time. This ignited something in my heart. I asked God to give me guidance and to shine light on my path. I continued going to church,I got slowly but surely convicted of my sins by the sermons.

It was round about the 20th of June this,I was sitting on my study desk preparing for a test that was to be written the following day.I was listening to the sermon about the Beauty of the Beggarly Heart, from that day on I was heavily convicted and I realised that I was a wretched sinner whose destiny was hell. I remember being grieved to the point where I was challenged to stop what I was doing and just kneel down before my bed and ask for God’s forgiveness from that moment I acknowledged my sin, I saw what it deserved and at the same time I was driven to my knees,tears rushing from my eyes and I had to plead for God’s mercy.God’s rich mercy,forbearance,kindness and patience drove me to repentance. I repented of both my sins and self-righteousness. I knew something was at work in my heart,it was the indeed the regeneration of the Holy Spirit,resurrecting me back to life. This was how I was saved and from that day,there was a revolutionary change in my life. I had this tremendous joy in my heart that was inexpressible and incomparable. I was devoted to not take Christ only as my King,or a Master,and Redeemer but as the greatest treasure that was supremely valuable than life itself. I asked God to grant me a new and fearful heart,to help me to genuinely approach his Word with reverence and care,to understand what he intended to communicate in his Word. I asked him to release me from the chains of legalism that I was once a slave to, to bring me to himself as a child who had nothing to bring as offering before his heavenly throne. I was ready to depend on Christ who was the perfect offering and sacrifice, pleasing to God, completely for my blessings.


Bayley turned 11.
And our youngest turned 6!


It’s time for another exciting only God can do it project!

We’ve been amazed by the way God started and has sustained the first Muphamuzi Baby Home and we think it’s time to watch Him do it again! If you would like to partner with us and live in the United States, please click on the following link, go to the donations page, and choose Muphamuzi Baby Home:


We are excited about the way God is raising up biblical counselors for his church through Strengthening Ministries Training Institute. Both Dad and Sybrand are doing an amazing amount of work in making this a top-notch program, and I am happy that I am able to help any way I can. If you are interested, you can watch a sermon I preached on a biblical perspective on children at the last ACBC conference in October.

We are so grateful for the way many of you have supported us financially and in prayer over the years. We see the sacrifices you have made for our family and we give praise to God for you!


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