J.A.M.S. By: jourNey, amy, maybre, and saylah

The J.A.M.S flag
Our map

For our transportation we will have solar powered Trains that will go around the community.

For education we have daycare, and grades kindergarten through 11th grade.

Kindergarten: You will be provided with supplies and a backpack.

7th grade: You start to work small hours, you get a watch, and get to ride train without supervision.

11th grade: Your last year or school, plus you get to pick your job.

For communication in grade 7 you will receive a watch.

In the J. A. M. S community you do not need money as long as yo have a job or are going to school you will be provided with housing, food, and water, etc. The way we will provide for the community is by selling the Jams and products we grow.

The jobs we have are

Farming, salesmen, doctors, nurses, teachers, daycare workers, council, electricians, plumbers, janitors, construction workers, Chiefs, J. A. M. S. Factory workers, and invintors to improve the community.

Our constitution

Our utopia is located in San Juaquin, California.

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