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This group of young adults is committed to fun, growth, and community. Each week we gather together to live life and learn together. We might be trying the best new taco shop, reading the Bible, or talking about the newest mixtape. We are a community for everyone who is a young adult (where Millenials aren't a bad thing). Come join us for any event. Check below for a full list of upcoming events and view our church website to see what is happening.

Join us for worship any Sunday at 8:30am, 9:30am, 11:00am, or 5:30pm.

July 2 6:30pm (@ BurgerFi by UCF)

It's grill night!!! Let's meet up for burgers, hotdogs, and amazing custard. Something about burgers before the 4th of July just feels right.

July 9 6:30pm (@ Lamar & Felicia's House)

We will be beginning our series: What is the Bible? We will take a look at the Bible in all of it's weirdness and wonder. This is a time for questions and challenging assumptions. As a group we want to look at the Bible for what it is and not what we were told it is. Together we will look at the Bible with fresh eyes for new stories. It is okay if you have never opened or even thought about reading the Bible. If you are interested in starting, click here for some ideas.

This week we are looking at the idea of heaven and earth. This is one of the first ideas in the Bible, and it can also be one of the most complicated. Together we can look at what the Bible actually says and how we fit in its grand story.

July 16 6:30pm (@ Lamar & Felicia's House)

Introducing our first Topic Night. Each week we will talk about a topic in a out of the box way. We are starting this out with a great one: Is Community a community? Several weeks ago we talked about community, and someone brought about that hit show Community. How could you not like Donald Glover's hilarious antics?! This week we will be talking more about what community is and what the show gets right and wrong.

July 21 10:00am (@ Drive Shack Orlando)

This is a Bro's Brunch. We would like to invite all of the guys in the group to a casual morning of golfing and food. Drive Shack is a 3 tiered golfing facility in south Orlando, but you don't have to be good at golf for this event. You just have to show up and have fun. Register on Realm.

Don't worry, a ladies event will be coming soon.

July 23 6:30pm (@ Market on Magnolia)

We will be continuing our series: What is the Bible? We will take a look at the Bible in all of it's weirdness and wonder. This is a time for questions and challenging assumptions. This week we will be looking at the story of the Bible. (Because we are meeting at a restaurant, please watch the video beforehand.) Often living in American culture, we assume we know what the Bible is about, but that cultural idea can be different than the story actually told by the Bible.

July 30 6:30pm (@ Lamar & Felicia's House)

Welcome to our second topic night! This week we are asking the question: Are we all just Mr. MeSeeks? This wacky character made his appearance on the show Rick and Morty as a parody of the genie in a bottle, but he was obsessed with completing the request. He was the ultimate people pleaser, so this week we are talking about how we all try to please others some times. It can be hard being young and trying to please your bosses, your professors, your parents, your friends, and all the other people we interact with.

If you have never seen Rick and Morty that is no problem. The show explores nihilism, the philosophy that everything is meaningless, through the space adventures a a boy and his grandfather. It is crazy, a little profane, and it pokes fun at many problems in society. Because it speaks so much about big ideas, it is perfect to put in conversation with Christianity.

August 5 11:30am (Location TBD)

Brunch Church. Bottomless Mimosa Church. Whatever you want to call it, be there! We are meeting at a new time with the same greatness. We are excited for everyone to be there for brunch and community. It's just a casual hang out, but we think brunch will be the best idea yet.

August 11 11:30am (@ Lamar & Felicia's House)

We will be beginning our series: What is the Gospel? This week we are looking at the gospel of Mark. It is the second book in the new testament and the shortest gospel. If you are trying to understand what Christianity is all about, Mark is a good place to start. We will be asking questions such as: What is good or evil? How does God feel about good or evil? Who is Jesus? Why should I care?

August 18 7:00pm (@ Lamar & Felicia's house)

It's movie night! We haven't picked the movie yet, but we will soon.

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