Journey Log 9

So as we've covered analysis, it really got me thinking about opinions. Technically in an analysis, you can use your opinion, as long as you have facts to back it up. This requires deep metacognition if you are analyzing your own work, because you need to be honest. For example, so far in my minecraft creation of Medusa's lair, I have really had to stand back and ask myself, is representing the way I want it to? Does it do the job I had planned?

As I ask and try to answer these, it also takes persistence if the answer to either is "no" because that means revision. If I keep at it, after several revisions my work, or anyone who is analyzing theirs, should reach a higher standard, and be closer to what the creator had in mind. That's the trouble with some people, at least me anyways, I always have a perfect idea in mind, but it never comes out quite right on the first try. After I work at it for a while, and step back and reflect, my finished product is always something I'm satisfied with (sometimes even proud of!)

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