That's Plantastic! A PREsentation By benjamin rothman

The Blond Tree Fern is a seedless plant because it has ferns, and not flowers or pinecones.
These desert flowers are different from rain forest flowers because they are smaller and are surrounded by thorns, acting as a defense and survival mechanism for living in the desert.
The Aloe Vera plant is a desert medicine plant, and a rare find. The plant is used for skin inflammation, healing of burns and wounds.
Rainforest layers

Emergent layer: top layer

Canopy layer: protection layer

Understory layer: humid layer

Forest floor: bottom layer

The Kava Plant, which translates as "Intoxicating Pepper", is used for sleep disturbances, anxiety and stress. If this plant is given to you as a gift, it is probably given to foster friendship.

Coming up is a slideshow of some medicinal plants I found at the botanical gardens.

The bark of the Cinchona is used for Malaria treatment

The fruit of this plant is used for anti flammatory purposes.

The root of the Kava plant is used for sedative purposes

The seed of the Cacao plant dilutes blood cells (it also doubles as the source for chocolate!)

The leaves of the Aloe Vera crack open to produce sap, known as aloe, that is used to reduce skin inflammation and for the healing of burns.

The Curare Plant is a poison that weakens the skeletal muscles and in large doses eventually leads to death. It is used by doctors as a muscle relaxant and for anesthesia (in small doses). Hunters coated their arrows in Curare to poison their prey.
Fun Fact: One Mahogany tree can make six whole dressers! However, this is a very rare and expensive type of wood, so most dressers produced today are fake mahogany.
The Crassula Ovata(Gollum) is a reference to Lord of the Rings. Maybe because of it's oddly shaped leaves?
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