November 2019 | Issue XVII


12/3 - #GivingTuesday

12/4 - Share a Night

2/8/2020 - Volunteer Training Day


Help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary at our Share a Night Event! Bring your friends and family for a night of delicious food, music, and dancing. Join us on a tour of the House and see what we do for our families. Everyone is welcome!

You can also help us celebrate by starting a Facebook Fundraiser!

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A Super-ior Halloween Party

It was a super night at the House on Thursday, with every hero attending Bloomberg’s Halloween Party and dinner. Before dinner, the kids were treated with fun arts and crafts activities ranging from creating their own superhero stuffed animals to decorating their very own superhero shield!

Upstairs in the dining room, every table was decorated with a balloon version of the superheroes so cool that everyone wanted to take the balloon with them – and some even did!

Once dinner ended, everyone made their way back downstairs for a puppet show so funny, it had people rolling on the floor laughing! That Goldilocks is always getting into trouble…

Submitted by Federica von Erb

Pumpkin Painting!

Halloween hoopla is in full swing at The House! We’ve been preparing with our favorite fall festivities, like pumpkin painting!

The kids spent the evening creating spooky and elaborate jack-o-lanterns to welcome all the trick or treaters!

Now that decorations are covered, we can’t wait to see all the costumes on October 31st!

Submitted by Liz Lighthall

NBA Cares Halloween Takeover

The NBA Cares team is back again for its annual Halloween celebration. Following dinner, the team took over the Playroom for a night of Halloween activities and games.

The volunteers from the NBA all dressed up in costume, even featuring a larger than life-sized unicorn!

The kids and families enjoyed Halloween themed bracelet making, puzzles, tattoos, candy tosses, and more.

Submitted by Alyssa Ahern

One of a Kind T-shirts

Dinner on Monday was in the living room. Tables and chairs were set up near the couches for everyone to eat at. It was a change of pace, but everyone settled in just fine and enjoyed burritos with chips and guacamole thanks to Royal Bank of Canada.

After dinner, we moved to the art table in the playroom for T-shirt decorating with fabric paint and markers. Glow in the dark paint was by far the favorite.

The creative juices were flowing; designs ranged from the Ronald McDonald House logo to intricate flowers, jerseys, and favorite bands. They were certainly one of a kind! It was tough for everyone to wait until the paint dried to try their masterpieces on.

Submitted by Andrea Boitnott

Halloween Extravaganza!

The Halloween goblins took over the House on Halloween for a fun treat to the families. The entire staff participated in this year’s Halloween Extravaganza.

There was so much going on our families where given a map and where to trick or treat in the House. Starting in the lobby to pick up goodie bags and if needed a costume, down to the playroom where Harry Potter and Friends hosted fun and games with candyand treats.

The living was room filled with more Halloween treats and Frankenstein & Pumpkin drinks; games, candy corn bowling, spooky golf, pumpkin painting, arts & crafts, NYPD & FDNY Superheroes were on hand to take photos with our heroes. Family Services had a carnival going on, the Ringmaster hosted cup pong; the Adams Family Accounting Dept. had pin the tail on the ghost going at their door.Moving on to the Second floor was The Where in the World is Waldo Development dept. who had a give a way table set up for the trick or treaters, not sure if they ever found Waldo.

Next stop was 4th floor where Human Resources took you on a a visit to Brazil and the IT Dept. had a hidden closet Photo booth with Despicable Me; the Wellness center had a cookies and milk theme going promoting healthy treats, Housekeeping became Team Care Bear and you could find our Volunteer Department right outside their office on the Yellow Brick road and take photos with the families were Dorothy, The Wicked Witch, the Lion, the Scarecrow or Toto .

It was a fun filled day and with lots of smiles everywhere along with candy wrappers to clean up after.

Submitted by Helena Russo

Wacky Hat Night!

Monday Nights team brought the high energy to the house for Wacky Hat Night! The night started out with dinner served by various RMH volunteers and staff. It was such a treat to be served by such familiar faces!

After dinner, the party was in full force. The Monday night team was serving a full ice cream sundae bar and everyone was invited to wear one of the funky hats provided on the tables in the dining room. There was a face painter, balloon hat maker and even an appearance from Tugboat- one of the House dogs!

All of the families had so much fun sharing laughter and fun while looking goofy in their hats. Overall it was an awesome party put together by Shelly Talon of the Monday Night team!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Caricature Drawings!

The Board of Associates coordinated a caricature artist named Rick to setup shop in the Playroom. Kids lined up to sit in front of Rick, while he spent around five minutes drawing cartoon-like impressions of themselves.

Crowds of people leaned over his shoulder to watch both his drawing and then the muse’s reaction once he revealed his art.

The wow-factor of each reveal was exciting for everyone in the Playroom.

Submitted by Alyssa Ahern

Paw-Ty in the Playroom!

The Thursday night crew surprised the House with three puppies, Lola, Bo and Tugboat for a “Paw-Ty” in the Playroom!

The team decked out the party with puppy balloons, which the kids played with along with the three therapy dogs.

The kids were laughing as one puppy seemed to think the balloon was a real puppy!

Submitted by Alyssa Ahern

Night at the Museum

After a fun and gift filled dinner with the NFL community team we took a tour among some of NYC's museums with the Tuesday night team.

The game room was full of archaeologists digging for dinos and searching for mummies, artists hoping to get their work featured at the MOMA and astronauts building rocket ships to explore the stars with the Planetarium.

Lots of energy around the room, especially when Daniella volunteered to become one of the mummies are researchers were looking for!

Submitted by Aurora Brennan

Ronald’s Fighters!

The Friday night team hosted a rock painting party in the Playroom. Kids and families all gathered around the table extremely focused on uniquely decorating and creating rock designs.

Words of “Ronald’s Fighters,” “Stay Strong,” “Live Laugh Love,” were painted on various rocks. One House guest painted what she described as an “Easter Ghost!”

In addition, the group celebrated Jay’s 11th birthday with a cake and song.

Submitted by ***


A special thank you to our Communications Volunteer Team who attend all of these events to help capture our family and volunteer stories!