Rise of Communist By: Makayla Dickens

War communist was the name given to describe my country economic system. Russia use to be a great place to live until 1918 not so much now. It all changed when Lenin was thinking of ways to help our economic problem brought on by the civil war fought in Russia. His way was basically a combination of emergency measures and socialist dogma.

That was the man that caused all the change in Russia. The first step taken was the t measures of War Communism was the nationalized of land. Before long our banks and shipping was nationalized and trade was consider state monopoly. That was the first response before he realized that Bolsheviks were simply unprepared to take over the whole economic system of Russia.

Lenin was stressing stressed the importance of the workers showing discipline and a will to work hard if the revolution was to survive. Not only that members of the Bolshevik hierarchy who wanted factory managers removed and the workers to take over the factories for there self. It was said that the workers would perform better if they knew what they were working for. My husband did not care about the reason why he should work he gust needed a job. Until he was sent to war then I had to work in the factory women were taking over the factories.Many large factories were taken over by the state and on November 29th, 1920, any factory/industry that employed over 10 workers was nationalized. This was due to June 28th, 1918, a decree was passed that ended all forms of private capitalism.

he civil war had made many in the Bolsheviks even more class antagonistic, as there were many of the old guard who were fighting to destroy the Bolsheviks. which I could see why they were controlling our food rations. The Food Commissariat was set up to carry out this task. All co-operatives were fused together under this Commissariat. The farmers we had would only grow for them self because the knew that any extra food would be taken by the state. people had t learn to provide for themselves which led to many famines

Communism seemed to have six principles they followed they are.1. Production ran by the state and all privet ownership confiscated by the state which included privet houses. That way private ownership was kept to a minimum.

2. State controlled the labor of every citizen. Once the military army has served its purpose they were used as a labor army.

3. State should produce everything. They felt that they had the right to take control the peasants and there activity and I am not just talking a few I am talking millions of peasants.

4. Economic life of the area controlled by the Bolsheviks was put into the hands of just a few organizations. The most important was supreme economical control he specialty of the SEC was the management of industry. Over 40 head departments known as gawky were set up to accomplish this. One gawky could be responsible for thousands of factories.

5. The state attempted to become the soul distributor as well as the sole producer.

6. War Communism attempted to abolish money as a means of exchange. The Bolsheviks wanted to go over to a system of a natural economy in which all transactions were carried out in kind.

War communist was a disaster in all ways possible. I'm gust happy me and my husband made it through. Even though our economic state was below worst then before. More and more people started moving to the country side in hope for a better life and trying to avoid diseases and famine. They thought it would be better to grow stuff for them self then to stay there.

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