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Welcome to the March edition of TEL for ALL your online newsletter to promote and provide information on TEL in the classroom. In this Spring edition: Fresh off the press the new GRETB Syllables app; Feedback from round 2 of our TEL training sessions; Information on the final TEL training of this academic year: Apple classroom for iPad; and a wonderful TEL best practice video: Creating ebooks for Adult Literacy Learners. We would like to share your TEL tales of best practice! If you have a project you would like featured in our next newsletter please contact aoife.fitzsimons@gretb.ie

GRETB Syllables App

We are delighted to launch the GRETB syllables app available now on the App Store for iPad. Syllables is aimed at improving spelling and vocabulary for adult literacy and language learners. Have a sneak peek at the video below.

GRETB Syllables App now available on App Store for iPad

Our app is ideal for learning the principles of syllable division and will provide a sound basis on how to break up any word for spelling purposes. It will also enable learners to practice and improve decoding skills to aid reading. There are five levels for each of the eight topics: Correct division, Highlight the syllable, Two syllable images, Typing and a Shuffle level which is a mix of the previous levels. The app will suit visual and kinaesthetic learners and GRETB are delighted to support all adult learners looking to improve their spelling with this app. You can find the app here on App Store for iPad.

TEL for ALL Feedback

The second set of TEL workshops focused on tools for creativity featuring apps Swift Playgrounds for Coding and Book Creator for Digital Story Telling.

TEL Training: Coding with Swift Playgrounds 1

There was great enthusiasm for this introduction to coding workshop. An introduction to the language of coding and interactive puzzles in swift playgrounds teach key programming concepts in a fun and challenging way- building skill and confidence- the audience were up and coding by the end of the day. Feedback was collected through mentimeter and is available below.

A selection of feedback comments for further training menti.com code: 99 79 44

TEL Champions Training Day: Wriggle Loughrea 2019

The TEL training in Loughrea last month was a well-attended and very informative event, with Apple Classroom being the stand out app for everyone. This app allows you to have control of what your students are doing on the iPads and also allows you to message and send documents to the whole class at one time. A really positive feature for the teacher was being able to have an overview of all the students’ screens of all the iPads in one screen and being able to lock them down on one screen as needed! Another big hit on the day was Mentimeter, of course, with more and more tutors seeing its potential for use in the classroom. One feature that has the wow factor is the quiz feature, and don’t forget to check the Inspiration tab on the Mentimeter home page for some ideas and to see the variety of options that are there for Mentimeter. One last app on the day that has a lot of potential is the Clips app, which can be used to create professional looking short videos in the classroom and are ideal for projects or presentations.

mentimeter feedback from TEL Champions training day.

TEL Training April and May 2019: Apple Classroom app for iPads

Based on your feedback from our TEL champion day the third round of TEL training will look at how to use Apple classroom for iPad. This half day workshop will introduce you to the Apple classroom app. It is aimed at teaching staff who want to learn how to manage the use of a suite of iPads within a classroom setting. Sessions will be held in different locations and invitations are via Eventbrite to follow soon.

If you would like to host a TEL for All training session in your centre please email aoife.fitzsimons@gretb.ie

TEL in Action GRETB Training Centre: Creating eBooks for Adult Literacy

Creating digital resources is great fun both for teachers and for learners. Book creator is a fantastic app that can be used to create these bespoke resources and also to explore the world of digital storytelling. Have a look at the mentimeter below where workshop participants recorded their expectations for a book creator training session. This is followed by a video where Alison Jones explains how to use this resource in an Adult Literacy Setting.

word cloud feedback via mentimeter

If you would like to share a TEL idea or project please email aoife.fitzsimons@gretb.ie and we'll include it in our newsletter!

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