The Monster

The Dream: Before I went to bed, I heard several thumps, as if someone was coming up the stairs. In the dream that followed, I dreamed that a strange, murderous monster was coming up the stairs. The thumping continued to be around every 5 seconds, with very heavy steps. ONce the monster came up the stairs, it ultimately murdered my dad. In the dream, I was unable to move from my bed out of fear of being seen by the monster. The weather in the dream was very stormy and dark, as it was nighttime in the dream. When I woke up, was too scared to move


Monster: The monster in my dream represents negative characteristics/tendencies. It also represents negative forces inside me or my life. The monster may have been frequent negative thoughts about myself or others that I may have had around the time of the dream.

Can't move: The inability to move I had in the dream may represent an inability to cope with a difficult situation in real life; represents frustration. The frustration and inability to move in the dream is because of my fear and concern for myself, as well as the confusion as I didn't know what to do.

Murder: The murder represents me being upset or confused towards a misdemeanor of others. It also represents a forewarning that I need to proceed in the future with caution.

My Dad: My dad represents authority and protection. Having him die in the dream represents a loss of protection or authority, leaving me without security.

Storms: Represent an overwhelming struggle, shock, loss, unexpressed fears/emotions. In this case, it represents the fear of losing my dad and being alone without protection and guidance.


What might have stimulated this dream?

Prior to falling asleep that night, I heard a constant unknown thumping sound. As I lay in my bed awake, I began to grow more and more fearful of what may have been making that noise. Once asleep, I must have continued to think of the noise, stimulating this dream to occur.

What do you believe your dream means?

I think my dream represents a current worry/concern I may have had at the time of this dream. My dad, being the person who is there to protect me and keep me safe, died in the dream, possibly representing a loss of control. As I am also very close to my dad in real life, the fact that he died may be a warning that I was about to lose my control over something that may result in a loss of my security as well. However, this dream occurred a while ago, so I can't be 100% of the connection to my real life.


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