Hatchet By: Ruth ake

Main Character: Brian

Setting: Plane, Home, Lake, Forest

The story starts off where Brian is going to visit his dad, and all of the sudden the pilot has a heart attack and Brian is alone. Brian tries to contact someone from the transmitter, but soon the plane runs out of fuel and Brian is about to crash in the forest.

Brian attempts to crash the plane by the edge of the lake so the plane doesn't get destroyed by trees he succeeds, but the plane goes underwater and Brian escaped before he drowned.

Brian eventually finds a rock overhang that acts as a roof for shelter and acts as Brian's temporary home.

Later, Brian had to find food and searched in the forest and came across a raspberry bush.

When Brian was picking berries a bear came up behind him and scared him so much that he could not move. Luckily the bear just passed Brian and was just there to eat raspberries

Days later Brian was sleeping in his shelter one day and something came in. Brian threw his hatchet at the creature and missed. The hatchet made sparks at a rock that it hit. After the creature left Brian found out it was a porcupine and had 6 quills in his leg that he had to pull out. :(

After the porcupine complication Brian realized the sparks the Hatchet made was a sign that he could make fire. It took Brian a day, but he eventually made fire by collecting dry birchbark fluff and getting the sparks that the hatchet made and got the sparks to ignite the fluff.

Days past and Brian started to crave meat and soon got the idea to fish. At first Brian made a spear and that didn't work, so he tried to make a bow and arrow with a stick and his shoelace. It took Brian a while but soon he was able to hit a few fish with his bow and arrow.

More days had passed and on one of those days Brian was getting water and a moose came up behind him. The moose hit Brian several times and made Brian go in the water. Brian attempted to get back up a few times, but every time he stood up and tried to move the moose would tackle Brian to the ground. Brian then had to move slowly back to his shelter and wait for the moose to go away so he could grab his tools out of the water.
Later that same day Brian was trying to sleep but all he could hear was strange wind. Later Brian realized that it wasn't wind it was a tornado. It was too late to do anything to prepare the tornado hit Brian against the wall in his shelter several times. The tornado also took the wall that Brian worked hard on and scattered it not to far from the shelter. All of Brian's stuff was everywhere and his fire went out and he couldn't see

The next mourning Brian saw the tornado had moved the tail of the plane to the surface. Then Brian realized that there was a survival pack in the plane. First he had to make a raft to swim over and when he got there he figured he had to use the hatchet to cut his way in. It took Brian a while at first but he eventually found the survival pack and took it back to the shelter.

Inside of the pack was a sleeping bag, a aluminum cookset a waterproof container filled with matches, two small lighters, a sheath knife with a compass in the handle, a first aid kit, small scissors, a cap, a fishing kit, a emergency radio transmitter, a rifle, and lots of food.

Brian tried the turning the emergency transmitter on and off and nothing happened (yet). Then he decided he was going to have a feast. As Brian was cooking a plane came down and Brian invited the pilot in to eat and was rescued afterwards.
overall this story was a very interesting story that was very entertaining and I liked how Brian had changed more and more throughout the story. I also liked how he became aware of everything and became more appreciative of everything he had, and I was glad that Brian got saved in the end. :)


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