KIMBER Vincent bania

This crazy border collie came into my life a few months ago. I don't even remember what my life was like before I had her

Kimber posing for her Easter picture

About mid January I get a text from my significant other of a tiny puppy followed by a text about how she needed this puppy. Now I get texts like this at least once a week, so naturally I said no. Over the following week I get a similar texts telling me how she NEEDS this puppy. after about seven days of getting text like this i could tell she was SERIOUS about wanting this puppy

The first picture I saw of Kimber

We researched the breed. Everything from temperament and energy level to intelligence and how easy she would be to train.

What we found out was the breed was high energy and if not kept busy both mentally and physically Border collies could become destructive. It was a little intimidating but she had her heart set on that puppy.

After a ton of research we went ahead and set up a meet up date with her current owners. Since we lived about 3 hours away it was hard to set up a time when both parties would be available. We worked full time and they were unavailable most weekends. Our options were either wait 3 weeks or make the 3 hr drive on a weekday. We chose to wait.

A week had gone by and we were in a town that was only an hour and forty-five minutes away. We figured since we were all the way out there we might as well go see if we could bring her home. We texted the lady and she said she was available if we were ready to pick her up. We dove almost two hours there through what seemed like the middle of nowhere. When we arrived it was dark out and we could see anything. We walked up to their truck and there in the back was the tiny puppy with her parents. I picked her up and I instantly fell in love with her. We drove the 3 hours back and other than a bit of whimpering she slept the whole way home. Since we weren't supposed to pick her up for a few more weeks we still needed top pick up some things for her. On our way home we stopped by Walmart. Rather than leaving her in the car my significant other put her in her purse. Because she was so tiny she fit perfectly in there and if it wasn't for her head popping out no one would have even known.

she seemed happy to be out of the car

We got home and set up a little spot for her in the kitchen. The fist thing we did wasa give her a bath. She did not like it at all. After she was dried my significant other laid down next to her.

The first night home

Over the next few days she really came out of her shell. We saw her personality develop.

Her first few days home

She loves going outside and playing with her toys. She would run all day long if she could. And sometimes she would nip at your ankles and try to herd you.

Kimber tryng to catch her Frisbee
Kimber exploring by the water

Kimber is a ball of energy 24/7. She started attending doggy daycare! She absolutely loves it.

Kimber after her bath at doggy daycare

Her favorite toy is her baseball. When you throw it she takes off after it at what seems like 100 mph

Kimber waiting for her ball to be thrown

We are supper lucky to have such an amazing dog. She is very smart! She loves us and we love her. While researching the breed we read that border collies are not affectionate dogs. Kimber on the other hand is super affectionate to us and every one she meets.

I don't even know

Her other border collie friend Juno

Whos going to get the ball first

Playing with her best friend Joey at daycare

A rare image of a tired border collie

Fun day on the levi

Kimber looks at the boats in the canal

The Border collie gaze

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