Blueprint for Great Schools 21st Century Skills, Student Recognition Programs, and Personalized Learning - Recommendation #13


current use of technology for "summative assessment" not accurately representing student learning

current assessments measure "established" knowledge instead of "adaptive" knowledge

a single fixed measure of student's learning over time provides unreal depiction

traditional testing on a digital platform = static, non-adaptive


commitment by California to support essential infrastructure such as the Internet, computing devices, tech. support and professional development

  • put an end to "end-of-course" assessments as they are unnecessary for federal and state accountability requirements
  • align state-wide English, math, and science assessments in grade 11 with college admission tests
  • count alternative summative data such as resume experience info to measure student learning
  • support state-wide use of industry standards-based student e-portfolios and ensure content availability to students through career advancement


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