The Guardians The Official Milwaukee Police Department Newsletter Spring 2021 Edition

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A Message from the Acting Chief of Police

Mission & Vision Statement

Core Values

Milwaukee's Finest - Milwaukee Police Mounted Patrol Unit

District Updates

Office of Community Outreach and Education

Community Transparency

Traffic Safety Unit - Reckless Driving

Steering Wheel Locks

National Police Week

A Message from

the Acting Chief of Police

Jeffrey B. Norman

The Milwaukee Police Department is committed to working with our community and system partners to continue to build sustainable neighborhoods free of crime that are built on positive relationships.

Greetings Milwaukeeans,

As Milwaukee opens back up after the pandemic, it reminds me of the blooms of Spring. Spring time is one of the most beautiful times in Wisconsin. From the landscape to the festivals, Milwaukee comes to life.

As a lifelong resident of the City of Milwaukee and a public servant, my first priority is to address the impact of violent crime and dangerous driving on our community. 2020 was a challenging year and many of the alarming crime trends we saw last year have continued into this year. It is imperative that violent crime and reckless driving are the focus in 2021. This is why the Milwaukee Police Department launched the Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) in March of 2021.

TSU utilizes High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) as a universal traffic safety approach designed to create deterrence and change unlawful traffic behaviors. HVE combines highly visible and proactive law enforcement targeting. TSU efforts are a combined approach with visibility elements and a publicity strategy to educate the public and promote voluntary compliance with traffic laws. Through our new website, MPDTSU.org, we ask the community to be a part of the solution and report reckless driving locations directly to our analysts so we can better tailor our deployment based on your needs.

As MPD continues to work with community organizations, elected officials and law enforcement partners to combat the increase of crime we are experiencing, we understand one of the most important steps is community engagement. We are committed to working with the community proactively and welcome meaningful dialogue. We pledge to cultivate new and existing relationships with community stakeholders, city leaders, business owners, residents and the victims of crime to better serve and protect everyone. Crime prevention is a team effort.

As I continue in my role as Acting Chief of Police, I have faith that as a community we will work together to face the many challenges we have experienced over the past year. We can combat crime through accountability, fairness, integrity and positive partnerships. Milwaukeeans are a strong, diverse culture. We are not afraid to have tough conversations, work hard and stand up for a safe and inclusive city where all can live, work and succeed. Together we will build an even better Milwaukee. I hope you enjoy our Spring newsletter.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Norman, Acting Chief of Police

Our Vision

A safe and inclusive Milwaukee where all can live, work and raise a family protected by a police department with the highest level of integrity.

Our Mission

In collaboration with the community, we endeavor to reduce crime and disorder through intelligence-led and problem-oriented policing.

Core Values


We are prudent stewards of the public’s grant of authority and resources. We are accountable for the quality of our performance and the standards of our conduct. We are exemplary leaders and exemplary followers.


We place the safety of others before our own and accept our moral responsibility to take action against injustice and wrongdoing. Police members are expected to take prudent risks on behalf of the public.


We recognize the complexity of police work and exercise discretion in ways that are beyond reproach and worthy of public trust. Honesty and truthfulness are fundamental elements of integrity. It is our duty to earn public trust through consistent words and actions. We are honest in word and deed.


We seek to influence human behavior to achieve organizational goals that serve the public while developing individuals, teams and the organization for future service. We accept our responsibility to be leaders, both within the community and among our peers, and for the actions of our colleagues and ourselves. We are all responsible for the performance, reputation and morale of the department.


We hold life in the highest regard. We treat all citizens and colleagues with dignity and respect, and are fair and impartial as we perform our duties.


We use the minimum force and authority necessary to accomplish a proper police purpose. We demonstrate self-discipline, even when no one is listening or watching.

Milwaukee's Finest

Milwaukee Police Mounted Patrol

In 1929, the Milwaukee Police Department purchased 4 horses from the United States Calvary in Fort Riley. The horses were inspected by a veterinarian and shipped to Milwaukee. The US Calvary donated all of the saddles and everything needed to get started. Once the horses arrived they were assigned to the Traffic Division and stood at major intersections in Downtown. The unit operated until 1948, when following national trends, the horses were replaced by motorized patrols.

In 1996 there was a request to have a horse join the Circus Parade to celebrate the history of the unit. As a result of joining the parade the Milwaukee Police Department was increasingly asked to have horses appear. This was the beginning of the unit as a part time specialty unit.

The full time unit was established in 1999 and consisted of 6 officers, 6 horses, and one Sergeant. This unit was stabled with the Shamrock Coach and Carriage facility in Walkers Point.

Currently, the unit is deployed for special events with anticipated large crowds, daily patrols in the Third Ward and Downtown, and crowd management.

Sgt. Logan Jeffery & Bleu

Sgt. Jeffery took over leading the Mounted Patrol Unit from long time Sgt. Fred Tice in 2018.

Bleu - Full Percheron - Brown in color. Born in 2010, 17.3 hands and weighs 1,740 lbs. Joined the unit in July and she is a great horse. Bleu was used to provide lessons to beginner children riders prior to joining the unit.

Officer Kevin Friedel & Lucy - Officer Friedel joined the MPD in 1992 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 1999. Lucy - Percheron Cross - Sorel in Color. Born in 2000, 16.1 hands and weighs 1,540 lbs. Joined the unit in 2015. Lucy and Jake pulled carriages together before coming to the unit. Lucy and Jake are still found side by side at the stable.
Officer Gerald Schmidt & Tanner - Officer Schmidt joined MPD in 2001 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2017. Tanner - Full Percheron - Brown in Color. Born in 2006, 16.3 hands and weighs 1,800 lbs. Joined the unit in 2010. A very solid horse on patrol that loves to do police work. Named after fallen MPD Officer Wendolyn Tanner who passed away in 1996.

Officer Esteban Arreguin & Charlie

Officer Arreguin joined MPD in 2005 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2017.

Charlie - Percheron Cross - Bay in color. Born in 2010, 16.2 hands and weighs 1,700 lbs. Joined the unit in 2017. Charlie had a hard time acclimating to the herd, but now is a very easy going horse.

Officer John Pederson & Fish - Officer Pederson joined MPD in 1995 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 1999. Fish - Full Percheron- Brown in color. Born in 2012, 16.3 hands and weighs 1,680 lbs. Joined the unit in 2016. A very energetic horse that always wants to go full speed. Named after fallen MPD officer George Fish who passed away in 1970.
Officer Stephen White & Prince - Officer White joined MPD in 2000 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2004. Prince - Percheron Cross with Quarter Horse- Brown in color. Born in 1997, 16.1 hands and weighs 1,620 lbs. Joined the unit in 2001. Oldest horse on the unit and is the alpha male in the herd.
Our newest members - Officer Al Mizdrak, joined Mounted Unit 2019. Officer Mizdrak joined Milwaukee Police Department in 2014. Officer Zach Latawiec -Joined Mounted Unit in 2019. Officer Latawiec joined the Milwaukee Police Department in 2014.

Officer Aja Chirpke & Jill

Officer Chirpke joined MPD in 2009 and the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2017.

Jill - Percheron Cross with Quarter Horse-Brown in color. Born in 2001, 16.1 hands and weighs 1,700 lbs. Joined the unit in 2005. Jill is a very sweet and stable horse who is often found right next to Prince.

District One is home to Downtown Milwaukee, UW-Milwaukee, the trendy East-side and the central business district. It’s home to 45,000 people and everything from skyscrapers to brownstones to refurbished warehouses.

Today, District One has a wide variety of differing population groups and neighborhoods as well as many businesses. Downtown is home to; large corporations, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and exciting night life and dining. Water Street and Old World Third Street are among the entertainment areas of downtown. District One is also home to University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), and the restaurants and shops and of E. North Avenue, Brady Street and Farwell Avenue.

Attractions include; Summerfest, the Performing Arts Center, Public and Art Museums and Discovery World, as well as many theaters and music venues. Jazz In The Park, River Rhythms, Farmers Markets, Parades, Air and Water Shows, Fireworks Displays, and Street Festivals, along with many more events that are held in District One.

The District One Police Station is located on the second floor of the Police Administration Building located at 749 W. State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

Paint the City Teal Day, an event created by Samantha Collier in 2015 as part of Sexual Assault Awareness month (April). Paint the City Teal Day is celebrated by wearing teal and decorating spaces in teal to show support for survivors, to spread awareness and educate the community on ways to prevent sexual violence.

Sexual Assualt Awareness Month (#SAAM)

Painting the City Teal Day

District One was proud to support Sexual Assualt Awareness Month (#SAAM), and #TeamTeal365 with Painting the City Teal Day on Friday, April 2nd, 2021! Some of our officers and agency partners also took time to speak about why #SAAM is so important: “I stand against sexaul assault because, no one has the right or privilege to destroy another person's life”. “I stand against sexaul assault because of the devastation it leaves behind”. “ I take a stand against sexual assault because so many victims feel like they don't have a voice and no one should feel like they are alone”. We also thank our community partners at House of Harley Milwaukee for helping in the participation with this Teal Bike!

Denim Day

Denim Day, April 28, 2021, grew out of a 1998 Italian Supreme Court decision that overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore tight jeans.

In a statement by the Chief Judge, he argued, “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was no longer rape but consensual sex.” Enraged by the verdict, within a matter of hours the women in the Italian Parliament launched into immediate action and protested by wearing jeans to work. This call to action motivated and emboldened the California Senate and Assembly to do the same. People all over the world were outraged, and wearing jeans became an international symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes and myths surrounding sexual assault.

This year for Denim Day, Milwaukee Police Sensitive Crimes Division gave away crafty to-go bags for members of our community interested in decorating a piece of denim in support of Denim Day. The crafty to-go bags were available for pick up and MPD requested that participating community members share a photo of the finished decorated denim on social media platforms and use the hashtag #MPDDenimDay2021.

Thanks to its revitalized warehouses, unique vibe and close proximity to downtown, District Two has become a culinary hot spot. It has always been a neighborhood of working-class people dotted with church steeples, factories and Polish flats.

District Two is located on the near south side of Milwaukee. District Two comprises a 7.2 square mile area with a district population in excess of 87,000 residents.

A primarily Polish neighborhood during the early 20th Century, District Two transitioned to a Latino population during the 21st Century and is now home to a rich mix of cultures and a population of over 87,000 people.

With a strong community focus, the district hosts many events and open houses to improve relations. Home to attractions like The Basilica of St. Josephat, Mitchell Park Domes and the burgeoning Walker’s Point neighborhood, it has become an entertainment destination. The district boasts an incredibly diverse population including a rich immigrant history as well as Hispanic and Latino populations as well as an active LGBTQ community.

The District Two Police Station is located at: 245 W. Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207

District Two Teams Up with Empower.MKE

EMPOWER.MKE offers young adults an alternative to entering the criminal justice system and becoming repeat offenders. The faith based program focuses on behavioral change, accountability, setting goals and obtaining those goals. "Barbershop Talks" enable engagement and open conversation with youth while they receive a free hair cut from International Cuts Salon and Barber Shop. The conversation is driven by the topics the youth want to discuss in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

Three Brothers Bonded by the Badge

Encompassing the major thoroughfare of Wisconsin Avenue and home to Marquette University, Miller Brewery and the Milwaukee County Zoo. District Three has seen rapid revitalization in the form of capital investment, making it an up-and-coming area within Milwaukee.

District Three is located on the west side of Milwaukee and comprises an 11.8 square mile area with a district population in excess of 100,000 residents.

District Three’s neighborhoods are known for its renowned businesses and attractions such as the Pabst Mansion, Master Lock, Palermos Pizza, Wood National Cemetery, Hmong Friendship and many more businesses, hospitals and educational facilities.

The District Three Police Station is located at: 2333 N 49th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53210

District three, received an email about two of their Officers who went above and beyond

"I happen to run into this situation on the day before Mothers Day (May 8th)! Two District 3 Officers, Officer Sweeney and Officer Toms helped this mom and her sons who were in need of food by taking them grocery shopping! It was amazing, seeing the two cops actually helping the boys out in their selections of frozen pizza, lunch meat, eggs, cereal and other grocery items! The Officers did NOT want to make a fuss or have a photo taken, but the residents of the community who were shopping at Save-A-lot store insisted they take a photo! Two thumbs up to Officer Sweeney, Officer Toms and MPD! We need to report the GOOD stuff the cops are doing too! Thank you, bro.Troy"

Keep up the great work guys!

Community Liaison Officers Sanders and Officer Williams worked with community partners, Near West Side Partners and Safe & Sound Inc. to organize and conduct a neighborhood clean-up. They removed trash and debris in the area of W. Lisbon Ave. to W. Wisconsin Ave. from N. 24th St. to N. 40th St. Community partnerships help to keep Milwaukee strong.

Home to nearly 70,000 people, District Four is the largest police district in Milwaukee by geographic area. Located on the North Side of the city, business, industrial and commercial parks line the perimeters, while larger residential lots make up spacious subdivisions.

District Four encompasses 28.8 square miles with a population of approximately 94,000 residents. The largest district in Milwaukee by area, District Four lies in the northwest corner of the city. Larger residential lots make up spacious subdivisions. Business, industrial and commercial parks line the perimeters. An abundance of green-space fills the district. District Four is the farthest district from downtown, yet, with its hard-working culture is just as much Milwaukee as a cream city brick.

The District Four Police Station is located at: 6929 W Silver Spring Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53218


We would like to congratulate Officer Stamps and Officer Majeed who were presented awards from the 31st Street block watch and safety committee. They were recognized for all of their hard work and dedication in District Four. Thank you for giving your all everyday to our community.

Strategic Targeted Enforcement Patrol (STEP) Team

The new District 4 Strategic Targeted Enforcement Patrol (STEP) Team hits the streets. This team works either on-foot or from a bicycle. The goal of the STEP team is disrupt crime patterns in specific areas hardest hit with crime. The team will move around based on identified crime patterns and conduct proactive enforcement through community engagement through a visible presence. The goal of the STEP team is not about the amount of arrests and citations, but about strategically targeting specific areas and persons who we know are committing violent crimes in neighborhoods.

Getting Drugs and Guns off the Streets

District Four officers continue to work hard to keep our community safe. Officers conducted a search warrant in the Silver Spring neighborhood regarding an ongoing illegal narcotics and firearms investigation. The warrant resulted in the seizure of almost 500 grams of cocaine, cash, scales, money counter, video surveillance equipment, ammunition, and a silver handgun. Neighbors were aware of the drug dealing from the home and were appreciative that it was shut down.

Report illegal drug activity in your neighborhood by calling your District or Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-TIPS utilizing the P3 Tips app. call (414)935-7248 or Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-TIPS or P3 Tips App.


Buying or Selling an Item Online?

Please consider using one of our Online Purchase SAFE ZONES located at all MPD Districts. Due to the uptick in crimes relating to online purchases, we now have this safe area for you to meet. Please tell your family and friends about the SAFE ZONE.

Home to diverse and vibrant neighborhoods as well as some of Milwaukee’s most prominent historical buildings. From Arlington Heights to Bronzeville, Harambee to Riverwest, the district boasts both old homes and new developments.

This area of the city is home to diverse and vibrant neighborhoods as well as some of Milwaukee’s most prominent historical buildings. In the south of the district lies the young, hip Riverwest area and the Brewers Hill neighborhood with its array of historic architecture. To the north, lie the Arlington Heights neighborhood and Harambee, a name derived from the Swahili word for “Pulling Together.” Through their strong churches and community centers who partner with MPD, that’s exactly what they do, pull together to give hope for the future.

District five boasts both old homes and new developments. But the North-side’s most valuable asset is a solid core of community-minded people. Residents who work hard to make their neighborhood a better place to live.Large corporations employing over 16,000 people, including American Motors and AO Smith, closed their doors leaving a challenging environment for residents. Business districts were created in these former areas, which include Century City and Riverworks and are revitalizing the neighborhoods of District Five and creating additional employment.

The District Five Police Station is located at 2920 N. 4th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212

District 5 Support SAAM

Captain Feldmeier and Officers from District 5, and Safe and Sound Reps supported SAAM during Painting the City Teal day, sponsored by TeamTeal365. TeamTeal365 is an organization dedicated to empowering, educating, advocating and supporting all survivors of sexual assault.

Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church Bless-N-Go Food Box Giveaway

The District 5 Community Liaison team was happy to help the Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church as they hosted the Bless N' Go food box giveaway! Over 1,000 boxes groceries were distributed to people in need.

The most populous district with over 114,000 people, District Six includes Mitchell International Airport and the Polonia neighborhood. Here, you’ll find two-story wood-frame homes, classic bungalows, corner taverns and many remnants of Milwaukee’s past.

Special thanks to Historic Hwy 41 aka South 27th Street for the amazing updates to our bus shelters.

This far South Side district also has a growing Latino population, in addition to the traditional Polish ethnicity that originally inhabited the district starting in the 1890s. The district is home to a large and diverse population as well as some of Milwaukee’s most iconic attractions including Leon’s Frozen Custard, South Shore Yacht Club, South Shore Beach, Chill on the Hill and Humboldt Park.

The District Six Police Station is located at 3006 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI

72nd Annual Crime Prevention Awards - Outstanding Community Liaison Officers

Congratulations to District 6 Community Liaison Officers Michael Ward and Fabian Garcia for receiving the Outstanding Community Liaison Officer Award from Safe & Sound, Inc.

“Our Polonia Neighborhood has been blessed with the amount of time and effort these 2 CLO's provide our residents. They helped us on numerous occasions, delivered meals to residents during quarantine and they also purchased and served dinner to our youth at the center. I appreciate the way they both engage our youth.” – Polonia Resident

“Officer Ward and Officer Garcia are AMAZING. They are always willing to help our neighborhood and the youth within. The pandemic may have stopped the world but these guys never stopped serving our community from clean-ups to virtual crime and safety meetings.” – Polonia Resident

“We have been blessed with the amount of time and effort these 2 CLO's provide our residents. They overall are GREAT people, Officers and our kids & families love them so.” – Polonia Resident

Donation to Beat the Street Wrestling Program

District 6, along with the Milwaukee Police Association was proud to present a check to Coach Bennett and Coach Briggs, and the Beat the Streets wrestling program. A special thanks to Coach Bennett and Briggs for investing and teaching the youth in the City of Milwaukee.
The District 6 Community has had a very busy Spring! From community walks, gardening at Zablocki, giving out free meals, serving a dinner at the Light House, and unveiling a new community garden at the Salvation Army.

Over 110,000 diverse people call this district home. With its tree-lined streets, an accessible location to downtown and many affordable homes, including several architecturally unique buildings, it’s no wonder why the area has become so popular.

District Seven comprises a 13.32 square mile area with a district population in excess of 102,000 residents, making it a city to itself. Originally, it was home to Milwaukee’s first business owners during the 1920s and 1930s, when the area represented the furthest part of the city. Later, it was the heart of the Jewish community. Now, District Seven features a large, diverse population. With its tree-lined streets, an accessible location to downtown and many affordable homes, including several architecturally unique buildings, it’s obvious why District Seven has become so popular.

On the eastern end of the district is a portion of the Century City industrial complex. The Westside of the district features parks like Kahl Park, Sherman Park, Dineen Park, Kops Park, Cooper Park, Nash Park and Lindsay Park. It’s also home to many distinct and vibrant neighborhoods such as Sherman Park, Grasslyn Manor, Enderis Park and the area around Mt. Mary University.

The District Seven Police Station is located at 3626 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Milwaukee, WI

District 7 Officer Helps Clean Up Sherman Park

A Milwaukee woman at her wit's end when it comes to litter in Sherman Park took matters into her own hands instead of waiting for the city to do something about it. Little did she know, Police Officer Lofland would join her.

From Community Walks to Crime and Safety meetings, to Community Clean-up events, District 7 is out trying to make Milwaukee cleaner and safer. Thank you Alderman Hamilton, Department of Natural Resources (DNS), Department of Public Works (DPW), and Safe & Sound, Inc.

In partnership with the community, we will create and maintain neighborhoods capable of sustaining civic life. We commit to reducing the levels of crime, fear, and disorder through community based, problem-oriented, and data-driven policing.

The Milwaukee Police Citizen Academy is a five-week program designed to provide citizens with a working knowledge of the Milwaukee Police Department. It consists of a series of classes held once a week for three hours. The instruction includes classroom academics and practical applications in law, police procedure, defense and arrest tactics, firearms training, and state of art technology used to combat crime. Tours of various police facilities and demonstrations of equipment are also conducted. Attendees may participate in a ride-along with officers.

This program provides citizens an opportunity to ask questions about police services and to express their concerns about quality of life issues. Upon conclusion, citizens completing 80% of the course participate in a graduation ceremony.

Milwaukee Police Department-Office of Community Outreach & Education Citizen Academy class Spring 2021. Thank you to the Milwaukee community members who took the time out of their busy schedules to learn about MPD.

Community Transparency

The Milwaukee Police Department values transparency therefore, we provide an interactive database to enable the public to access crime statistics for the City of Milwaukee. Below is a link to the current crime statistics. No matter what area of the city we serve, we guard and protect each community equally. We’re not waiting for change to happen. We are engaged in the community and active in every single Milwaukee neighborhood.


2018 - 2021


2018 - 92

2019 - 97

2020 - 190

YTD ( Jan 1 - July 5, 2021) - 85 (85 in 2020)


2018 - 437

2019 - 452

2020 - 764

YTD ( Jan 1 - July 5, 2021) - 419 (292 in 2020)

Milwaukee Police Department Implements TSU!

Traffic Safety Unit (TSU)

To reduce the amount of reckless driving, speeding and vehicular crashes from occurring in the City of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Police Department has a created a new unit called the Traffic Safety Unit (TSU).

The Milwaukee Police Department Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) utilizes High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) as a universal traffic safety approach designed to create deterrence and change unlawful traffic behaviors when it comes to Reckless Driving.

“The goal of the Traffic Safety Unit is to make the roads in the City of Milwaukee safer to travel on by targeting motorists that are engaged in reckless driving. I am asking for collaboration from the members of our community to be part of the solution by reporting reckless driving directly to the Traffic Safety Unit website. The Milwaukee Police Department is committed to working with our community and system partners to continue to build sustainable neighborhoods free of crime that are built on positive relationships,” - Acting Chief Jeffrey Norman.

Be Part of the Solution!

MPDTSU wants Community Input!

We all play an important role to ending reckless driving; therefore, we are asking that our residents and community partners discuss the dangers of reckless driving with their peers and acquaintances to discourage them from engaging in this type of activity in our city. MPD is committed to collaborating with community and system partners to combat reckless driving together. Law enforcement cannot combat this issue alone.

Report locations where you are seeing reckless driving by clicking on the link below. This will go directly to the TSU unit and they will use it to help determine the areas needing high visibility enforcement.

TSU is committed to a community partnership with the goal of creating a safer Milwaukee through the “Three E’s” by enforcing traffic laws (Enforcement), educating and partnering with the community in solving traffic problems (Education), and recommending traffic-engineering changes (Engineering).

TSU Billboard Campaign

The second phase of TSU initiative is a billboard campaign. Billboards where donated by an anonymous Wisconsin business. The billboards contain a message to discourage reckless driving and how to report reckless driving to the TSU.

Public Facing Statistical Information

Data is available to the public to continue to promote our commitment to being transparent with our community.

Steering Wheel Locks

Beginning in November 2020, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) noticed a significant uptick in auto thefts. We identified that the most frequently targeted vehicles were Hyundai and KIA vehicles. We immediately made several public announcements informing our community of this trend and provided information on preventative measures.

MPD was also able to provide free steering wheel locks to numerous members of our community on several occasions. The steering wheel locks were purchased thanks to the generosity and monetary donations of several community partners which included the Milwaukee Police Foundation, Interstate Parking, Anti-Vehicle Crime Association of Wisconsin (AVCAW) and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

National Police Week


In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Currently, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Memorial Service began in 1982 as a gathering in Senate Park of approximately 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement. Decades later, the event, more commonly known as National Police Week, has grown to a series of events which attracts thousands of survivors and law enforcement officers to our Nation's Capital each year.

The National Peace Officers Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and seminars sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)

Happy Summer! Stay Safe MKE!!

In collaboration with the community, we endeavor to reduce crime and disorder through intelligence-led and problem-oriented policing.
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