Principles of Quality Management ZAA107 - Week 7

Key Session Outcomes

  • Understanding the concepts of quality and total quality management.
  • Understanding the background to ISO9001.

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Quality and Workmanship

Quality, as you will know by now, is ensuring that the product, process or service that is provided by your workplace meets the expectations of customers, and meets specified standards, such as ISO9001. Workmanship is how an individual involved with the product, process or service ensures that when their contribution is made, it reflects the skills and effort of the person making the contribution.

According to the Collins English Dictionary Workmanship is:

"the skill with which something is made and which affects the appearance and quality of the finished product"

Another way of saying this is the pride that you take in ensuring the best outcome of the product, process or service. In years gone by, this was often referred to as ‘craftsmanship’, which applied to people making things by hand, applying their craft.

How much do you care about your work?

Workmanship is taking pride in your work – caring about the end result of whatever is your part of the process. See if you can answer the following questions honestly, and tick the answer that applies to you.

Put Pride In Your Work

Now have a look at the following video, which highlights the importance of taking pride in your work:

Put Pride In Your Work | 3:10mins

After you’ve watched the video, make some of your own notes on some of the important concepts covered.

Why do some people not care about quality and workmanship?

We know that we are often faced with bad quality products or services. You buy something from eBay that is cheap, and when you get it, it doesn’t last long. You may go to a restaurant, and the food is not tasty, or not presented well, or the service does not make you feel special. Why is it that not everyone cares about what they do? In the following table, provide some examples of bad products or services you’ve come across, and the reasons why you think people don’t provide the best quality workmanship in what they do.

Finding Ways to Improve Your Workmanship

One of the key aspects we have discussed during this subject related to quality, is the need to improve what we do. The same applies to your own workmanship. In the following table, highlight some of your current activities in the workplace (you could refer to your job description). If you are not currently working, think about a previous role (could be part-time), or think about the things you need to do around the house or while you are studying. Once you have your list, see if you can come up with ways to improve your workmanship for each particular activity.

Motivating Yourself to Improve your Workmanship

Many people use slogans or signs in the workplace to help motivate them to achieve greater things. This is your chance to create your own slogan! The following diagrams list large range of inspirational words. Using some of these (and any others you feel are suitable), to create your own motivational slogan!

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