Anthony's Alcohol Story!!! By:Da'naye bowers

Anthony is a 23 year old boy from windsor who is addicted to alcohol. He has been addicted to alcohol since his senior year of highschool. He first got addicted because he went to a lot of parties and the people he hung out with drank a lot and influenced him too. He currently is in college and works at Olive Garden, But that might not be for long. Due to his alcohol use he gets frequent hangovers and skips school and work. When Anthony drinks he vomits and passes out. When he wakes up from passing out he’s usually angry and has anxiety, and because he drinks so much he has stomach ulcers. His family doesn’t even know about his alcohol habit so when he’s around them he can’t drink and is irritable. Now Anthony only hangs out with people that drink and party all the time (some of them do other drugs). Ever since he started hanging out with those people he spends about $150 a week on alcohol and he drinks 7 days of the week. If his addiction gets worse he is going to end up with a serious disease or if the drinking increases he could end up dead. Anthony needs to go to counseling or AA if he wants his addiction to go away.One day Anthony's mother suprised him by coming up to his school but she walked in on him drinking a bottle of alcohol plus all the bottles he already drunk and flipped out asking him how long has he been drinking like this he told her he's been drinking like this since his senior year in high school,She told him he needs help and he needs its fast. He finally went ahead and got the help from the AA group Anthony hasn't fully stopped drinking but he is almost there and he's got a big support system from his mother and siblings.Anthony used to drink everyday and drinking 5 bottles a day now that he has been in the group for 2 months he's down to drinking 1 bottle every 2 weeks.Anthony feels so much better about his self he's starting to get all his friends back.When he goes out he knows now how to control his self and how much to drink.

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