Wind blade CEE By Francisco Anorve Perez

Claim: The variable’s that increased the power of the wind turbine the most was the shape Another variable that seemed important was the length of the wind blades.”

"This is a picture of our work in class in our packet with our evidence in my CEE "

Evidence: my evidence is that our first design was 7in and with a flower shaped blades its work was 0.29 j and the amount of watts we had for power was 0.029 watts. Second design was the same length as the flower petals but didn't had done work on the wind turbine.The final wind blade design was the same shape as our first design but with a different length of 5in and it failed to lift the washer in the cup that gave no watts.

"This is a picture of a flower wind blade just like ours"

Explanation: Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So when we had our project we were not use the method of Bernoulli’s principle tells us that faster moving air has lower pressure. Our project had variables that been using the shaped of the wind blades and the length our first design with the flower shaped blades made an improvement that all the rest of the projects didn't have and that was the angles in degrees that helped us understand the wind blades more better.

"This is a picture of my planning in making my CEE draft"
"This is a picture of the slide of the wind blade CEE folder"
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