Revolutions in technology By: summer Fivecoats

Past: Industrial Revolution


A revolution in farming methods led to a sharp increase in the population, and many people moving from the country to the city looking for work.
Meanwhile, we were just beginning to discover the secrets of coal power and iron production.

As population continued to increase, demand for goods grew, and suppliers needed to find a way to produce more and more.

Technological Developments

New machines used to spin and weave cloth were housed in factories that allowed the workers to produce goods at a much higher rate than before.

A new understanding of coal power helped inventors create the steam engine and a new type of iron that was cheap and dependable.

Steam power became the basis of the machines of the Industrial Revolution.

Steam power and iron were used to create the first railroad, which helped people and products move place to place much faster. Canals, Steamboats, and TurnPikes also added to the transportation network. This


Positive and negative effects on society

There were many negative effects. Child labor was widespread and accidents in factories were common. Cities became overcrowded and sanitation was horrible.
The industrial revolution had lots of positive effects on society. There were lots of new jobs created in good were became more affordable to more people. People also started living longer and could travel around from place to place much easier.

Present: the digital revolution


1973, Moterola's first mobile phone was born for easy communication from one to another.

In 1969 the internet was created giving millions of people access to information quickly.

Apps such as YouTube, amazon, facebook, and instagram where big game changers in the digital revolution. These apps changed how people interacted with each other and technology.

Technological advancements

Wireless communication has changed our society in the 21st century in many ways. Wireless communication has impacted medical care throughout the world particuallary with the distribution of information.

The internet has effected many people throughout the world as well. People are now able to view events that occur by social media or the news. Social media has changed the way humans interact For good and bad reasons.

Technological advances also include medical needs. Medical advancements have brought a number of discoveries from preventing deseases to a breakthrough in transplants.

Pros and cons

There are many pros to present technology advancements but also many cons.

Pros - global innovations, we have more access to information, education, and communication.

Cons - distraction from education and even the road when driving, social skills have become more awkward, and exploitation for example hackers and criminals can easily invade privacy.

" It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. " ~ Albert Einstein ~

Future: unknown technology

Scientist, students, people In general will eventually become bored of what has been already been done and created. This will cause more technological developments to be created.

Many people around the world today are becoming curious as to what more they can make out of technology. Many scientists and even students want to create more for the sake of travel or social media.

Doctors and scientist now have been trying to cure disease and find cancer treatments. Many of these people belive they are close to finding what they are looking for initiating more discoveries in the future.

Future technological advancements

In the future scientist believe a development could be parents being able to alter their DNA creating a healthier, smarter, and more athletic offspring.

A creation in the future would be robots. Many scientist have been working with robots creating baristas and care takers. In the future many hope these robots primarily become caregivers for the old and poor.

Many Americans belive the creation of implants for humans will be created, these implants for example would be constantly sending information from around the world to the person that has this inserted.

Pros and cons

Pros - improves efficiency, incredible medical care, people might live longer, more jobs, money, and traveling could also be improved.

Cons - bigger social divide, new generation of greater laziness, quickly becomes obsolete meaning the device isn't used anymore the faSter technology is made such as the iPhone ( four isn't used anymore while 7 is the newest )

"Without technology humanity has no future, but we have to be careful that we don't become so mechanized that we lose our human feelings. " ~ Dalai Lama ~

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