My Poetry by Bailey

Cookie jar

Oh cookie jar,

oh cookie jar

howbeautiful you are.

With all your chocolaty goodness

for each crunchy bite,

oh how I fight to stop.

Oh cookie jar,

oh cookie jar......

Oh how your chocolatey goodness

will always flow.

Braids of wilderness

have you ever wondered

of what your braids really look like?

in between the cracks,

that only something as

small as an amobea, can only


It may seem .small from the out,

but to something else,

there's a whole nother world, of


What is it??

What is it, oh please wont you tell me

oh please little cricket,

is there something wrong?

is it that my face is to long?

Why have you been laughing all day long?

could it be that my nose is upsidedown?,

or that my hands are dark yellowish brown?

oh please won't you tell me

so I can turn things around

I love my mom

so beutifull and sweet

she cares for me while I sleep.

And even when I wake

she is still there, for my own sake.

I love her so dearly

with all of my heart,

and when her job is done,

another one must start.

Mom Talk

by Kristy Dempsey

Sometimes my mother calls me "smart".

I think she's telling lies.

She says "you'd better hold your tongue",

and when I do, she rolls her eyes.

"you better watch your step, my son.

you're walking on thin ice".

But when I look, the ground below

seems extra-firm and nice.

She calls me a "loose cannon",

but I do not have a fuse

She tells me not to "plat these games",

but it isn't win or lose.

Ido not think my mother says

exactly what she means,

exept when my "allowance won't be

worth a hill of beans!"

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