Outcome 6: Values-Based Goal Setting

This exhibit details the progression of a values analysis and the use of the results of the analysis to form short and longterm goals for myself

Top 10 Values: Openness, Passion, Self Acceptance, Genuineness, Adventure, Humor, Loved, Mindfulness, Inner Peace, Independence.

Bottom 10 Values: Authority, Fame, God's Will, Realism, Sexuality, Industry, Self-Control, Moderation, Safety and Tradition

Top 5 Values:Loved, Genuineness, Self Acceptance, Mindfulness, Self Acceptance.

Number One Value: Self Acceptance

This shows my process of narrowing, from all the values (bottom right) to just one (obviously top left)

This was a great exercise. I feel like the process of reducing the values down really makes you examine what you hold dear and what you just assume to be important to you. I found as I narrowed more and more that some of the things in my important category were just things I assumed should be important but at the end of the day they weren't quite as valuable to me, even to the extent that I thought they were with the first arrangement. The closer I got to the top ten the more I had to really be honest with myself about what defines me as a person, and I have to say that some of the cards I discarded surprised me. For example: dropping adventure and independence when I narrowed to my top five was pretty hard because I considered those two things pretty ingrained in my true self. I was surprised by the time which it took for me to narrow to my top five, arranging all the cards initially took almost half the time that the last five did. I did not think that a simple card game would make me ask existential questions and cause me to learn more about myself as I consider myself pretty self aware. The exercise also made me think a lot about how these different value are interconnected and how some contribute to the expression of others. I had no idea what my top value would be at the start of the game but by the end it was self-acceptance. I think this is the most important because I think that so many people fail to truly attain this, and when you reach the plane of self acceptance it opens you up to be able to pour out your love to help other people and I think that is what is so attractive about it for me.

Short Term Goals: I'd like to see myself treat my body mind and spirit better, I think these are things that get kicked to the wayside in the frenzy of everyday life and are vastly important and influential in everything we do wether positively or negatively.

Short Term Plan: I think that while these three things can have massive affects on your life, they don't require a huge amount of time. The caveat is that they require time on a daily basis in order to remain healthy and if one becomes out of balance then the others can follow suit. To take care of my body, I'd like to start spending an hour a day at the gym every weekday. Not a huge time commitment but from experience it makes a huge difference in how you feel during the rest of the day. For my mind, I'd like to start getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night and strive for 9. This allows me being able to start the day full of energy and maintain through the day as well as helping my body recover. Along with this I'd like to start eating better which changes your brain chemistry making you more awake and alert, as well as benefitting your body. For my spirit, meditation and study into the spiritual world everyday are needed, as well as yoga to wake my mind and body in the morning.

Long Term Goal: Graduating from Clemson with a degree in packaging and seeing and experiencing different cultures and continents. Being able to live my life comfortably while still making adventure a regular part of my week.

Long Term Plan: My long term plan essentially begins with graduation, I see that as my jumping off point into the real world and the beginning of my real adult life. I feel like if your do your best and are passionate about what you enjoy in life that you tend to attract like minded people and thus opportunities to further your life toward goals that are synchronous with what you value. I think the key is not to take anything for granted, some of the biggest moments in people life stem from 30 second conversations they have in passing or deciding to take a different path to a destination. For me, true happiness is in variety (there are a variety of studies to back me up) and I intend to make my life various and interesting as much as possible. The key is taking advantage of opportunities put before you wether or not you can see the clear picture of the destination.


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