Retouch Image Computer Graphic 1A by: nigel clarke

This is the Original Image. I will be retouch my image by, Straightening the Image, Cropping, Healing, Add and Remove Blur, Sharpen Image, Add Layer Masking, Add New Layers, Reduce Noise, Invert,
Retouch-Make a copy of the original image by using the CTRL J or hold down ALT and left click the mouse and drag up to copy layer. Using the Healing Brush Tool to healing any spots and or line that needs to be retouched. Then using the Clone Tool to reconstruct part of the image that was excess light on the metals, face, cloths, and floor. so that it will have more details on what I want to highlighted. Clicking the Crop Tool and make sure that W x H x Resolution and straighten is selected from the ribbon. with the image still selected click and drag from left to right to where I want the image to be straighten from. Then I adjusted it if necessary.
Adding Blur. To add Blur to this Image first you need to duplicate or copy the image. CTRL J to copy. Then with the new layer selected go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. I use 1.4 but this depend on the image that you are using. Play around with the slide to control the blur to your liking. Do not use too much of blur because we want the image to look realistic as possible and with a smooth finishing. Rename the Image by double clicking on the text and type Blur.
Sharpen Shade- Make copy of Retouch image>select Add New Layer. Click Sharpen Tool then click Sample All Layer to check the box. My brush size is 10 and my hardness is 25. Paint in any part of the blur that you would like to see sharpen. I did the cloths, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, metal and just apart of the background. With Blur still selected we are going to Add a Layer Mask to the image by selecting Adding Vector Mask> Property>Invert. This add a layer masking to the image. the Blur is can not be changed once applied but you can alter the layer masking if so please. Notice how the rest of the image is a little blur after you Add Layer Masking and sharpen the image.
Copy the image that renamed Retouch. With the Layer still selected click Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise. The Option that I choose was, strength 6, preserve detail 4, reduce color noise 6, sharpen details 23. Add Layer Mask 50% Grey.
Make a Copy of the of the image of the Retouch image to add masking. With the new copy layer still selected. Right click to select Convert to Smart Object. Then select Filter and choose Camera Raw Filter. Select detail and adjust the slides Amount, Radius, Detail, Masking. Select Basic from the ribbon were you have first selected detail and adjust the only clarity, I used +9. Click ok. Rename the copy image in my case I use Texture Sharpening Shade.
This is the Before and After Image. As you can see the difference and the Image is more refined making the Sharpness, Blur, Mask and Noise blends within the image.

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