My Dream By: brian konde

I enter the dream world in a military plane.

I do not know why or where I am flying. The plane has two propellers on the sides. As I am flying around I can see for many miles and very high off of the ground. As the flight continues I see smoke poring out of the right engine. I notice that a fire has started and soon the right engine blows up.

The plane begins to have a steep decline. As I lose altitude I notice an eject button. I press the eject button and I fly out of the cockpit.

I'm now free falling to the ground that doesn't seem to be getting close anytime soon. I roll onto my stomach and start falling as if I'm sky diving. As I fall I'm calm but still anxious of speeding through the air. I reach for and pull my parachute.

I'm now nicely floating to the ground. I look all around me, taking in the world. I land on my feet. I wake up.


1. Military plane: The military plane that I am flying represents my life going smoothly without any trouble. This is a military plane because I have a very close friend in the air force as well as my grandfather was also in the air force.

2. Fire: The engine that catches on fire represents something going wrong in my life, such as a death of a family member or maybe bombing a test in school. The blowing up of the engine shows that the problem can get out of hand very easily.

3. Eject button: The ejection button that I press to leave the descending plane represents a way for me to get away from the problem as a last resort. This also represents my emotional state that wants to start over and leave the problem behind.

4. Parachute: The parachute represents something in my life that is going to help me get through the tough time. As friend or family member.

Dream Meaning

Biological perspective: I believe that my dream is representing a time in my life when I was doing well in ACC history when all of a sudden I took and bombed a test. I tried to get away from the problem by acting like it never happened. I soon found myself no longer in control of my grades. Then my friend in the same class came to help me study and find my way back on track, making good grades.

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