Michael Scarn: Threat Level Clemson

Another day, another mission, the exhilarating life of Michael Scarn continues when he learns Goldenface has plotted to blow up Memorial stadium. This is, in fact, the home of the current national champions and with thousands in attendance for the spring game it seems like there is no other choice but to call in the big guns.

He hopped on his private jet, and raced down the eastern seaboard, eager to thwart Goldenface's plan. When he first arrived in Clemson the first place he stopped was core campus and ventured into the dining hall for some good eats. He was immediately met with disappointment when they were out of curly fries when he finally got to the front of the line. He decided canes would be a more consistent option and went there along with his robot butler (Dwight Shute).


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