Arizona Hyperloop Coalition 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge

The Arizona Hyperloop Coalition is implementing a high-speed and sustainable transportation solution to improve efficiency in freight transport, reduce waste, boost economic activity through increased trade, and promote connected communities.

Arizona’s border ports of entry are a key conduit through which the U.S. conducts international trade. In 2017, $41.5 billion worth of goods were transported to and from Mexico via Arizona’s ports. During the winter months alone, the Mariposa Port processes over 50% of the U.S. and Canada’s fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico. However, infrastructure and logistics inefficiencies have led to millions of pounds of produce being dumped into Arizona’s landfills annually. By streamlining logistics processes and integrating existing infrastructure with Hyperloop technology, inefficiencies will be drastically reduced and waste minimized.

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the nation and ranked #2 for population growth. To keep the pace with rapid growth and evolving city dynamics, there is a need for innovative infrastructure that encourages connected communities and rural development. The Hyperloop solves these challenges by fostering urban agglomeration and redefining the way people live, travel, and work.

A feasibility analysis will be conducted to assess the economic and environment impact of Hyperloop implementation. The study will focus on a freight transport route for the Mariposa Port as well as passenger routes that connect Phoenix to popular destinations within Arizona and bordering states. Once the optimal freight and passenger routes are identified, the Arizona Hyperloop Coalition can continue pursuit of technological development and implementation.

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