Customer Pond Using Metflex Liquid Pond Liner From Metcalfe Developments Ltd

Metcalfe Developments Ltd were approached by a member of the public to supply a product he could apply himself, which would waterproof his new pond.

The rendered surface was primed using Metflex Pond Primer. This priming coat stops any damp coming through the walls and helps the Metflex Liquid Pond Liner adhere to the substrate.

The first coat of Metflex Liquid Pond Liner was applied in light grey, with all detail work being completed first.

The second coat of Metflex Liquid Pond Liner was applied in black. Metcalfe Developments Limited recommend Metflex Liquid Pond Liner is applied in four coats of alternating colours, for easy overcoating and recognition of each coat. All detail work was completed before the main areas, with the floor application being last.

The final coat of Metflex Liquid Pond Liner was applied in black. It is important for the waterproofing system to cure for 5 days and the pond must not be filled with water prior to the 5th day.

The finished pond.

Metflex Liquid Pond Liner is a very easy to apply waterproofing system that any good "DIYer" can apply using a brush or roller.

Contact Metcalfe Developments Ltd on 01642 606652 for more information or a quote.

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Metcalfe Developments Limited

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