Inventors Industrial revolution

James Hargreaves spinning Jenny- allowed people in Britian to produce much greater quantities of yarn than they originally could

James watts steam engine- coUld pump water with three times the pressure than anything else at the time, therefore making extracting coal more numeruos

James watts rotary engine- made an engine that ran on rotars and could therefore power machinary.

Richard trevithicks steam powered locomotive- this invention took the steam engine and made it run on a train. The train could go 16mph and carried coal and people to go places.

Thomas Edison and joeseph swans light bulb- homes know were lit up by electricity rather than being candle lit.

Alexander graham bells telephone- his telephone was the first one ever. He called someone in the other rooom and told him to come to him and within a few years every single household had telephones

Henry fords model t- the model t, with the use of his assembly line, was the first person to make automobiles reliably and be affordable for everyone not just the very rich.

Edmond Cartwrights power loom- the power loom that he designed was the first machine to go into factories and mass produce clothing. His matching weaved textiles

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