Linn-Benton Community College #OWNthefuture


My name is Matthew Croft and I am currently a senior at the Crater school of Business Innovation and Science. Next year, I plan to attend Linn-Benton Community College.


At Linn-Benton, I plan to complete my general ed. classes and begin my degree in finance. After two years, I plan to finish my degree at OSU.


LBCC is located in Albany, Oregon, Just outside of Corvallis. I plan on living in either my own house or apartment with several roommates.


I will attend Linn-Benton in the Fall of 2017 after graduating from Crater this June.


With the Oregon Promise, my college here will practically be paid for, so it is a cheaper and easier way to take my general ed. classes before attending Oregon State University.


Because Linn-Benton is a community college, I was automatically accepted, and because I have the Oregon Promise, my costs will be to a minimum for tuition!

Created by Matthew Croft

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Matthew Croft

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