The Ugly Duckling

Characters: The ugly duckling, mother, little ducklings

Setting: Pond

Plot summary: This story is about a swan born into a family of ducks, who is cast out of the pond because the other animals believe he didn't belong with them. His siblings made fun of him and treated him horribly because he didn't look like them. He searched for a place where he was accepted for who he was. That place was not with the ducks, nor hens, nor geese, nor the old woman and her cat and hen. By spring, he was fully grown and tried to join a flock of swans. The young swans didn't tease him as all the others had, but they treated him like one of them. The ugly duckling sees his reflection in the water and realizes that he wasn't a duck after all - instead he was actually a swan. He had finally found his home with the swans and was at peace.

Symbols: Swan symbolizes purity

Meaning: The search for personal identity rather than conforming to society's norms.

Significance: Don't judge people by their appearances.

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