Political Improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa BY: Nick Savaiano


Political Improvement

Sub-Saharan governments are finally starting to form a foundation in some countries. But, in many countries, governments have caused civil war or genocides. The countries that do have a functioning government should take the responsibility to help those countries that are struggling to get their feet underneath them and help them build a foundation. There has been a significant increase in countries that are at peace now then 10 years ago. That is due to countries putting aside differences and seeing the country as whole and coming together as one. While the governments are fragile and few actual democracies exist, many countries are run by dictators or have a flawed democracy. Economic growth is rapidly rising in Sub-Saharan Africa and as it continues to rise, governments will emerge and come into power. Political improvements are coming soon and will be needed in order for Sub-Saharan Africa to prevail.

If I was to compare the political situation in Sub-Saharan Africa to somewhere else, I would compare it to southeast Asia. Many governments are set up to succeed while others are flawed and others are still trying to gain their ground. Once, countries in Asia began to form these governments, stability and economic growth came to the region and this will be the same for Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Nick Savaiano

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