The Middle Colonies Sriram M.


Why The Middle Colonies Were Founded

The Middle Colonies were mostly founded for better trade routes, and for religious freedom.

Geography of the Middle Colonies

The geography in the Middle Colonies is great because we have hot summers which in turn leads to longer farming seasons (unlike New England where it is really cold). Also we have deep rivers which means we have a lot of port cities. Another thing we have in the Middle are valleys which are full of Iron.

Economy of the Middle Colonies

In the Middle Colonies, some ways you could make money here is by farming, mining, trapping, merchants, and lumbering. See, we have a lot diversity here in the Middle so if you get rejected from one job you can get a different one.

Religious Freedom

If you are feeling like you are not being treated fairly you could come to the Middle Colonies were you won´t be prosecuted.

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So hop on a ship, and come to the Middle Colonies.
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