The Dogs Of Christmas Book Review By Kendall, MMS

How would you feel if someone dropped off a pregnant dog at you house? What if you had to keep her because of your love? Well, in The Book The Dogs Of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron, that might just happen.

Josh Michaels, a man who needs to take care of little puppies, wanted Carrie, the vet that delivered the puppies, to love him back, but she isn’t very interested in him. So Josh keeps inviting her over and visits the vet quite often so he can see her. Then Carrie understands the meaning of it.

My favorite would have to be when Josh eventually sees the puppies at the veterinarian's office. I adored that part because the author explains the details very well. He explains how each of the puppies look and there names, sizes and more. Josh was very excited, but also really nervous. I was extremely excited that they were finally here. It was very important because it was one of the main parts in the book because it is when the puppies come to life.

The main lesson in the novel is to not give up. I chose that because if Josh would’ve given up, him and Carrie would have never gotten together. Instead, Josh just kept trying and it all ended out well, but the greatest value in this book is love. This is because all the characters loved each other. It was different from other books because it had more than one meaning. Most books that I have read only have one meaning. This book’s meanings are love and dogs.

In addition to having good things, this book had a bad thing. Some of the words and phrases the author included into the book were boring to me. More importantly, anyone who enjoys love or dogs will cherish and respect this book and the kind-hearted characters included. In the end, you will realize how important love and life is.

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