Thank you for sending this powerful and heartfelt track.

We open in the long corridor of an old house, once grand, but now a little faded. We hear Una’s voice, but don’t see her at first. Her voice sounds slightly echoey, like it’s coming from an adjacent room.

‘Don't give up…’

The camera moves forward, as if searching for the source of the singing, and as we move we notice a trail of rose petals scattered on the floor. As we sweep over them, we see that they’re actually coming from a broken vase laying on the corridor floor... We turn a corner into a large room, the voice becomes crystal clear, and we are greeted with an overwhelmingly strange sight. The several objects in the room are broken. A broken chair, Shattered glasses and a cracked mirror among the things we see. Clearly it has been a big fight here.

"Cause you're showing a shield with your eyes"

In the middle of the room we wind Una, sitting on a rug on the floor. She wears a gorgeously tailored dress that spills out across the floor, her legs curled up gracefully beneath her. She’s framed by a large window, through which sunlight pours, carrying with it a breeze that gently ruffles the ripped curtains.

As she sings suddenly around her one of the broken objects, a chair, starts to move beautifully in slow motion pulling it back into a its unbroken state. A strange magical sight.

The camera tracks closer to Una, who turns to sing directly to us. Una is impeccably lit, and looks stunning. We can see the gentle, dignified emotion in her face as she sings. In front of her the broken porcelain shards on the floor starts to move. In backwards slow motion we see them move together forming porcelain plates

Una walks up to a large wall mirror. It's severely cracked several large pieces missing. She stands in front of it ands sings as it's slowly pulls together into a perfect mirror again.

She walks into a bedroom where scattered beautiful feathers starts to float around her moving back into the beddings. They duvet floating back on the bed.

"This fight is for love This fight, this fight is for love..."

As the music ends she walks down the corridor towards the main door. She looks at the beautiful red rose pedals that also starts to move… pulling together forming the rose as the water drops and crystal vase shards moves back forming the flower in the vase. She looks up at the door that slowly opens and we fade to black.

We will also shoot Una performing with her band in a beautifully lit room with slightly faded features. We will use the performance as cutaways.

I would love to develop this idea further with you.

Thank you!

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