The Hobbit By:J.R.R. Tolkien

Synopsis:There are dwarves that there home has been taken over by a dragon.They need help to get there home back so they form a team with a wizard and a hobbit.They travel to the mountain facing struggles like orcs and things.When they make it to the mountain they find out the dragon is still alive.The dragon burns a nearby town a man from that town kills the dragon.The dwarves have to defend there home they just got back from armies.The dwarf leader dies at the end.The hobbit goes back home.THE END.

Author Biography:John Ronald Reul Tolkien was born on January 3 1892.He was an English writer.He ha four children.One wife.He served in the military for 5 years.Wrote many famous books.He died in September 2 1973.

Themes:Heroism is one theme is the book.Bilbos development into a hero which represents a normal person growing into a hero.Loyalty is another theme in the book.How the dwarves are loyal the there leader no matter what.


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