I was brought up in an Nuclear family. My mum Cheryl and my dad Ashley are my primary agents, they taught me how to behave, to be respectful to elders and authorities, they taught me right from wrong and to always do my best but be HAPPY too. I was never taught gender roles and growing up and I played with a mix of toys and my favourite colour was blue as a child.

I spent a lot of time with my aunty Chris as a child as my mother and father have always worked full time. Chris taught me to believe in myself and to always be myself

My brother was also an agent of my primary socialisation, James. He taught me to look after my mum and taught me to protect myself and has always cared for me. Unfortunately I do have an older brother Nathan, who due to family issues I do not communicate with. This experience made me stronger and learn to love and appreciate my parents and James even more.

I am a primary agent to my two beautiful nephews Alfie and Harry, as I act as a role model for them even though they still teach me new things everyday

My friend Tyler is part of my secondary socialisation, he encourages me to drink on the weekend and have a bloody good time. Apart from that he works hard and is a very happy individual!

My previous work colleagues were part of my secondary socialisation. They taught me skills to work well and to motivate myself to do well. Some agents also influenced me to start smoking.

The older colleagues told me the importance of employment and bettering myself, which made me want to follow my dream of working in the care sector

I have a wide music taste, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and Lucy Spraggan. Lucy is a lesbian indie guitarist who sings up beat country style songs who I attend the gigs regularly. These songs motivate me and empower myself when I am feeling low.

I met my partner in Secondary School, and after school ended we began our relationship. Jodie helps me develop as a person, believe in myself and to trust people. She also gives me a kick up the bum when I am feeling less motivated, for this I am always grateful

My friends who are my secondary agents influenced me to have fun and to try new things like music and experiences. Unfortunately in Jan I lost a close friend suddenly, through this experience it has encouraged me to stay close with friends and appreciate all the small things in life and to never take people or things for granted.

So that's my socialisation story, I hope you enjoyed seeing who influenced me into the cool person I am and what kinda experiences I have influenced me to where I am today.

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