Desert Biome By: Alyxis flores

Deserts are known for the hot air or cacti. My question is whats behind that, thats why I chose this biome. In my opinion it is one of the most known biomes. It covers one-fifth of earth.

This biome is known to be the driest one. Deserts recieve less than 8 cm. of rain. The soil can be either rocky or sandy. Most hot and dry deserts are near the Tropic of Cancer or the Tropic of Capricorn. Cold ones are near the artic part.

The plants here need to find a water source. In the desert they have soaptree yucca(yucca elate), bristlecone pines(Balfourianae),Joshua tree(yucca brevifplia)and cacti (cactaceae).

Xerocole is the name for desert animals. Whenever you hear about the desert you must think of camels but what else is there. There are jerboas(dipodidae) also known as a desert rat. There's tortoises(testudinidae), kangaroo rats(dipodomys), Mongolian gazzles( procapa gutturosa), Corsac foxes(vulpes corsac), steppe eagles(Aquila nipapensis), fennec(vulpes zerda), and houbara bustards(chlamydotis undulata).

As for adaptions, it's something all animals and plants have to do. Especially in the desert where there is not a lot of rainfall. Cacti's needlelike leaves that conserve water.Camels nostrils can close so, the sand won't get in. Also, a fennec foxes has big ears to keep them cool.

Producer: soaptree yucca- Primary Consumer: gila woodpecker- Secondary Consumer: long eared fox- Teritary Consumer: cougar- Decomposer: vulture

In the desert there are multiple human impacts. For example, oil drilling, animals are headed to road kill. One natural disaster is sand storms. Sand storms are big gusts of wind that carry sand particles.

Oil drilling in deserts.
Sand storms

In my opinion the biodiversity in the desert is very low because, in the desert the plants mostly consist of cacti.

As everyone says, if one organism disappears one group of organisms from larger while the other has to find a way to survive without a food source.



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