CPS Energy: 75 years of City of San Antonio Ownership ORIGINALLY ESTABLISHED IN 1860!

This first background image shows linemen playing their own special brand of pole-top basketball. This game helps them to gain confidence in their ability to work effectively at great heights.

On October 24, 1942, the City of San Antonio purchased the San Antonio Public Service Company (SAPSCo) for $34 million. SAPSCo eventually evolved into what is now CPS Energy. In 75 years of ownership, the return on investment has delivered the City nearly $7 BILLION and provided Greater San Antonio RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE power!


Each year, we hold an educational series, EmpowerU, for our team members as an opportunity to learn more about our ever-evolving industry and to network with each other. At this year’s event, the focus is on how our People First philosophy comes into play as we serve our community for both our external AND internal customers.

75th Anniversary Kickoff

Jan. 24 - Employee Appreciation Breakfast celebration to kickoff our 75th Anniversary of being owned by the City of San Antonio.


The Start of Local Public Power

The City of San Antonio acquires the former San Antonio Public Service Company, later to be named City Public Service before becoming CPS Energy.

A line crew back in the day.


Commitment to Innovation

Carl Evans in the Dispatcher Office.

A commitment to innovation leads to the introduction of customer service by phone and the downtown area’s first streetlight system.

Tony Cieszynski replaces street lamp in front of Electric Distribution office on Jones Ave. in April 1951.


Continuous Infrastructure Growth

Fred Winkler, James Wetta and Bob Adams are building cable terminators for the HemisFair circuit.

CPS Energy contributes infrastructure and power to many of Greater San Antonio's most famous attractions and landmarks, including the Tower of Americas and Hilton Palacio del Rio.

This photo shows the unusual room construction techniques that drew attention from across the nation. Hilton Palacio del Rio rooms were hoisted into place on top of each other by a tall crane.

Before the Palacio del Rio could be built, our engineers and technicians had to do quite a bit of planning and drafting in order to supply this unique building with adequate electric service.


Constant Growth & Innovation

In the October 1975 issue of the Broadcaster, we were able to promote the newly implemented direct deposit for employees, calling it "Bank Shot" and linking to Spurs legend George "the Iceman" Gervin.

CPS Energy joins other Texas utilities on a jointly owned nuclear power project (today known as the South Texas Project).

Calaveras Power Station aerial photo shows J.T. Deely along with other plants.

The opening of the new J. T. Deely plant, in the midst of the energy crisis, boosts production and saves ratepayers $125,000 in fuel costs.

Moving with the times, computer operator trainee, Sam Dotson, is given a first hand briefing on the operation of the RCA Spectra 70 computer by Gus Trip, Superintendent, EDP Systems Operations, and computer operator, Charles Humphress.

Formed in 1978, the Texas Public Power Association (TPPA) represents the interests of public power providers in the state of Texas including municipally owned electric utilities, river authorities, joint action agencies, and some electric cooperatives.

TPPAs member systems range in size from CPS Energy (the largest), to the City of Goldsmith (the smallest).


Customer Assistance Commitment

The introduction of Project WARM kicks off fundraising efforts to help families in need pay winter utility bills. In its first two years of existence, Project WARM helped 4,000 needy families pay their winter utility bills.

Weatherization efforts at a customer's home.
Florentino Lares, Rene Aldana and Jesse Casillas install a 25-foot service pole at Seaworld.


Full Steam Ahead, & Environmentally Conscious

The new J.K. Spruce coal-fired power plant is built with more than $100 million worth of environmental regulation systems.

Junior Engineer, Project Coordinator and Distribution Automation Committee member, David Evans, is pictured in front of the Alamo holding a section of fiber optic cable to be installed as part of the Distribution Automation Pilot Program.
Project Management Division staff, Sandra Huerta, Olga Morales and Lino Ramirez, prepare to move from the fourth floor Main Office to their new home at the J.K. Spruce Power Plant site during the reconfiguration of the fourth floor to accommodate the generation control and marketing function.


New Millennium Brings New Power

CPS Energy begins investing in wind energy, and is now among the largest buyers in the nation. We also introduced Windtricity, allowing customers to purchase renewable energy.

The 512-MW A. von Rosenberg gas-fired power plant began commercial operation, further strengthening baseload generation.

The STEP program includes free Honeywell programmable thermostats. Above is an example of one of the earliest models.

CPS Energy commits millions of dollars to energy efficiency rebates and programs for our customers. Our Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) looks to reduce our community's demand for electricity by 771 MW -- the output of a large power plant - by 2020.

CPS Energy also offers customers bill assistance through the Residential Energy Assistance Program, a partnership with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County. REAP began in 2002 and marks its 15th anniversary this year. GrillsGiving is major REAP fundraiser held annually.

This 2016 promotional GrillsGiving video highlights the amazing food, fun and music that you can expect next year at our fourth annual GrillsGiving in late 2017.

Team "Come & Taste It" has been a crowd favorite for the last couple of years, showing high energy and engagement with the community even after a long night of barbecuing.

Lineworkers Rodeo

2017 CPS Energy Lineworkers Rodeo Team

Established in 2001 by the American Public Power Association, the Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo is where public power lineworkers come together from all over the United States and some U.S. territories to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in the craft of linework. At the Rodeo, journeyman and apprentice lineworkers can compete for professional recognition, attend training courses and practice essential skills in a safe environment. Furthermore, attendees will have a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from the nationwide community of lineworker professionals. This year, CPS Energy hosted the event at the W.B. Tuttle Employee and Retiree Park. To date, this is the largest attended National Lineworkers Rodeo.

2010 & Onward

Powering Our Community

One of the nation's cleanest coal units, J.K. Spruce 2, begins operation with more than $250 million of the best available emissions-control equipment.

J.K. "Jack" Spruce Unit 2 dedication in Sept. 2010.

Rio Nogales, a combined-cycle natural gas plant in Seguin, is acquired as part of strategic plan to increase low-carbon fuels, and to proactively save half-a-billion dollars by not investing in Deely, the oldest coal-fired unit.

April 2016 Alamo 5 dedication plaque with land owner Walter Armstrong (R), Cris Eugster, Mark Noyes, Kenan Ogelman & SH Yoon


Constant innovation and expansion assures our customers enjoy combined energy bills that rank among the lowest of the nation’s 20 largest cities.

"Our job is to be flexible for our customers," Felecia Etheridge, Chief Customer Engagement Officer, at our Inaugural Energy Symposium on Jan. 31, 2017.
"Our People First philosophy is all about sophisticated simplicity - ensuring our customers have what they need from us," noted President & CEO Paula Gold-Williams at the Energy Thought Summit in Austin in March 2017.

We're looking to our energy future and we're committed to putting People First! Our employees, customers and community are our top priorities as we look ahead to the next 75 years and beyond.

We want to recognize technological innovation in our city for our customers! The Customer Centric Competition (C3) is an event that will unite our People First philosophy with our emerging tech community and provide an opportunity to share technological tools that will benefit our customers and community.

2017 Fiesta CPS Energy Fiesta Medals

This year we had two medals -- a limited edition, special gift medal for our 75th Anniversary, and our fifth loteria medal, La Chalupa. Be sure to grab your own CPS Energy "La Chalupa" medal before they run out! Click on the button below for more information on where to purchase this year's La Chalupa medal. Proceeds from the sale of the La Chalupa medal benefit our community partner, Green Spaces Alliance.

Our History Is Your History

From our beginning to now, we power San Antonio, but YOU POWER US. What are your best memories of CPS Energy? Can you name any of the employees in our pictures? Let us know! Email us at 75thAnniversary@cpsenergy.com. We want to hear from you.

Employees at Station A.
Data storage from the GEO Center at the now closed Jones Ave. facility.
City leaders and Board of Trustee members join President & CEO Paula Gold-Williams at our 75th Anniversary Employee Breakfast Celebration on Jan. 24, 2017.
CPS Energy gas welder at work.
Our most tenured employee, Willie Mata, has 46 years of service.
Arc 'n Spark demonstration shows the dangers of coming into contact with power lines.
Volunteers at the annual Kids' Fish event.
Linemen gaining confidence and skills to work at great heights with unique pole-top basketball game.

CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility providing both natural gas and electric service. We serve more than 801,000 electric and 342,000 natural gas customers in and around San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city.

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