Gary the Globe and Sam the Sun Isabella Chaina-Azar

Gary the Globe and Sam the Sun are meant to co-exist to perfection. Sam provides Gary with the light and heat in order to live and Gary provides Sam company in the very vast, very lonely solar-system. However, Sam and Gary’s friendship is in danger due to what we call ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’.

What does climate change mean?

Climate means the average weather of a city or region. For instance, Hawaii is sunny and warm but the Antarctic is freezing cold. Gary’s climate is the average of all the world’s regional climates.
Therefore, Climate Change means that there are changes in these averages. This is an indication that something is wrong.

What causes these changes?

Some causes are natural. Changes in Gary’s orbit and the amount of energy coming from the Sam the Sun, can impact Gary the Globe.
Other things can affect Gary’s climate such as changes in the ocean and volcanic eruptions. However, most scientists believe that recent warming of Gary the Globe cannot be explained by nature alone
They think it’s due to humans burning coal, oil and gas. Burning these fuels is how we produce energy, which we use every day like electricity for charging phones and fuel for driving a car.
Although this energy is very useful to our lives, it adds heat-trapping gases into our air; such as carbon dioxide. These are known as ‘greenhouse gasses’ and are not friendly to Gary the Globe.
The consequences of climate change are severe and compromise the health of Gary the Globe. Some include rising sea levels, and decreasing snow and ice cover. These things become more likely as Gary gets hotter.
The warming of Gary will likely lead to more floods; droughts and heat waves caused by Sam the Sun. These waves may get hotter and natural disasters like hurricanes may get stronger.

What can we do to help Gary the Globe?

You can help stop climate change by turning off things like lights and TVs when you leave the room or turning the water off while you brush your teeth.
You can also help by planting plants which absorb carbon dioxide and the bad greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.
Finally, the best way to help is by learning more about Gary the Globe and his climate. The more we learn about Gary and his relationship with Sam the Sun, the more we’ll be able to solve problems related to climate change and hopefully end it together.
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Isabella Chaina-Azar

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