Miami Heat 2019-2020 Season Timeline

October 23, 2019: Season Opener

Miami Heat vs. Memphis Grizzlies. The Miami Heat overcome the Grizzlies in a 120-101 win with Justice Winslow leading the team. He scored 27 points.

October 27, 2019: First Loss

In their third game, the Heat lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a 116-109 battle. This comes after beating the highly anticipated Milwaukee Bucks in the second game.

December 28, 2019

In a nail-biter win, Tyler Herro hits a game-sealing three-pointer to finish off the Philadelphia 76ers. Jimmy Butler led the team with 29 points in the 117-116 overtime win.

March 11, 2020: Last game in AAA arena

The Miami Heat took a 109-98 loss to the Charlotte Hornets in the last game they would play outside the Bubble. Due to COVID-19, the NBA suspended the rest of the season indefinitely, but would eventually open back up in the new NBA Bubble.

august 1, 2020: First game in the bubble

In the first game back from the suspension of the season, the Heat played the Denver Nuggets inside the new NBA Bubble with no fans. They went "home" with a win, with the game ending 125-105 in favor of the Heat.

august 18, 2020 - august 24, 2020: playoffs round 1

After making the playoffs inside the NBA Bubble, the Heat played the Indiana Pacers in the first round. The won four games in a row, finishing out the series with Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Goran Dragic leading the way.

august 31, 2020 - september 28, 2020: playoffs round 2

In the second round of the NBA playoffs, the Heat beat the number 1 seeded Milwaukee Bucks in only five games, beating them 4 games to 1. The one loss they had was in an intense overtime loss. This extremely unexpected victory meant they ha successfully made it to the Eastern Conference Championship.

september 15, 2020 - september 27, 2020: Eastern conference championship

In the Eastern Conference Championship, the Heat faced the Boston Celtics, the number 3 seed in the east. As the number 5 seed, Miami beat Boston in 6 games, winning four games to two to become the Eastern Conference Champions. They would now move on to the ever-coveted NBA finals.

September 30, 2020- October 11, 2020: THE nba finals

The Heat took on the LA Lakers in the Finals, but were overtaken in hard fought loss. The Lakers won in 6 games, winning the NBA Finals and the Larry O'Brien trophy.