French Revolution NapOlean Leads revolution eNdiNg the reign of the monarchy

A painting of the revolt against the monarchy's storming of Bastille

After the revolt against the monarchy ending in the storming of Bastille over 30,000 muskets were stolen and used to now arm the rebellion against the monarchy. The king has deployed mass number of troops to patrol France and stop any other attacks against the monarchy. The leading cause of these acts was queen Marie Antoinette hoarding cake. The starving people revolt was inevitable due to the circumstances.

Also since the enlightenment people of France have started to realize that there is more to life than just work. The people of France want more than just food to eat and a house. As a result of this they have come to the conclusion they should be able to have hobbies and or things they enjoy.

After the successful storming of Bastille more of people became armed, which of course scarred the king to deploy more troops. This sequence of events has started to become called a revolution. People are successfully revolting against the monarchy and rule of king Louis XVILouis XVI.

The recent actions of Napolean Bonaparte have been seen as both heroic and something only a villain would do. He has taken charge of the cannons that protect the port and also the land surrounding. Which leads me to believe he is a hero, but he also went against orders of the general. I believe in all though his actions were heroic and were done with the intent to better his country for the better of the people.

A popular topic among the people of France during the French Revolution. I believe he was hero and had the best intent on helping the people. He did what he needed should have to protect his country and people. Although he defied the detect orders of his leaders he was only doing what he though would help bring him to power to save his country.

This quote from Napolean Bonaparte sums up his qualitIes during his the atttacks he lead. He took advantage of all the mistakes his enemy made to the full extent. One of The memorable attacks where he took advantage of this was his attack on bunker hill. It was believed to be inpenatratable. He was in command of the back up troops and wans told not to attack but when all but a few of the attacking troops of the French attack were killed, and the cannons were being reloaded he ordered his men to charge the bunker. This was thought to be insane by the soldiers but he rallied them and led the attack on the fort. He was successful and took over the fort something thousands of the previous attacking troops could not do and he did it with around 500. This gritty attack was the first major event in his rise to power.

The French Revolution began in 1789 with the storming of the Bastille on July 14th. From 1790 to 1794, the revolutionaries grew increasingly radical. Americans were at first enthusiastic in support of the revolution. However, over time divisions of opinion became apparent between federalists and anti-federalists.

When the French Revolution began in 1789, Americans were largely supportive of it. The United States was allied with France at that time, and the hope was that democratic reforms would turn France into a more powerful ally against Britain. As the revolution became more radical and violent, however, opinion became more divided. This led to political division between the Democratic-Republican party who supported the revolution and the Federalist Party who wanted to maintain a good trade relationship with Britain.

When the other European powers went to war with France in 1793, however, both parties agreed that taking sides would lead to economic devastation and potential invasion for the country. The United States thus remained formally neutral despite heavy pressure from both sides.

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