A Day in the life of : Angel Gazaway Anahi Dominguez, Noble Street HS

Walking out of her morning lecture, senior Angel Gazaway heads to Wylie Hall to work on her new assignment. Angel is in the news paper program offered here at Indiana University. " I chose this program to help me become a better news writer," Angel Gazaway said. " I write for our school and it also benefits me in general."
In Wylie hall, Angel Gazaway studies her notes. The assignment was assigned to the whole class about the IU abroad program in Indiana University in Bloomington.
While working on her assignment, Angel Gazaway contemplates her ideas as she confidently reads over her paper. The assignment was dedicated so that students could tech others in their class.
The news paper class took notes based on the lecture from the morning. Jacob Willson captivated Angel with his word about his experiences abroad in college, since she is so close to going college herself. " I really liked it when he talked about his travel to Morocco," Angel Gazaway said.
After the lecture, Angel Gazaway reflected on Jacob Willsons lecture. Many Writing based programs had many reaction about Willsons personal stories abroad while in UI. " I loved it, it got to me," Angel Gazaway said. " It kept me on edge and i almost cried."
In her later works, Angel Gazaway will be open her opinions on her schools new paper. She wants to captivate readers with her writing and with this program she learned just that. " I want our creativity will shine through the story." Angel Gazaway said. " i want to write tell stories. "

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