Lynx Class Trip The Classroom in the woods

We arrived at Moorhouse Farm and couldn't wait to get stuck in with our learning. We were more than ready to get to grips with the outdoors and began by exploring the changes on the ground. The muddy puddles had turned completely in to sheets of muddy ice. We enjoyed listening to the onomatopoeic sounds that were being created... "crack, crunch,squelch".
We were told the story of the Gingerbread Man and the escape he made from the little old woman. We then began the hunt on the farm for him. We followed clues in the form of pictures.
We collaborated as a team today in order to figure out what actually happened to the gingerbread man. We shared our thoughts and ideas to give us some clarity of our next steps in order to complete the hunt.
"I loved running through the wet, squelchy grass. We don't have any grass in our playground so it was really good to play on it".
"I enjoyed the trip because I played with other children in my class instead of just my best friends. We all helped each other out and looked after each other".
"I loved seeing the children have the freedom to run and explore new and unfamiliar surroundings. The children came out of their comfort zones and immediately got stuck in to learning outdoors. It was an amazing teaching moment"-Miss Macdonald
"I loved seeing the big horses we even got chance to play in the stable and see where they lived".
Before our visit we had been told about the beautiful ,tame robin that lives on Moorhouse Farm with Mr Dawson. The fields were so tranquil so there was no wonder the little robin loved to relax there. We brought some crushed nuts with us so we could scatter them on the ground ready for the robin to eat.
We were even brave enough to cross the rickety, rackety bridge. Luckily for us the ugly troll wasn't at home.
"As a class we were all very good and followed instructions and everything grown ups told us. We proved we were really good role models".
"It was good to spend time playing with our friends but it was even better because we were learning at the same time. We were explorers".
We still managed to smile through the cold weather.
We love this horse because she is due to have her foal anytime now. She was so tall and had beautiful, shiny fur.
"I loved going in the forest and hunting for the hungry caterpillars food. We even sequenced the days of the week and learnt about orienteering".
What an amazing day!
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Hannah Macdonald

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