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Creative Muslim is an initiative that was started as a pure form of self expression. Creative Muslim is a platform meant to develop creativity, encourage self expression through art, and participate in the creation of American Muslim culture. We hope to engage our communities through Mind, Body, and Spirit, building bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood through creativity, art, and fashion. Email us your ideas and designs at!


~Prophetic Inheritance~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"This design was inspired by a deep love of the Prophet Muhammad (sws) and his legacy. The image seen above is a rough outline of what the Prophet (sws) sandal would have looked like. I encourage everyone to purchase this shirt so that you may carry your Prophetic Inheritance with you everywhere." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Lost in the System~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"This design was a stream of consciousness piece inspired by a question; what is the relationship between minorities and America? As I was searching for ideas it came to me. I found a man, stripped of his identity and Lost in the System. It is important to buy this shirt because it is a visual representation of an American reality that a lot of people don't know about. We hope this shirt is used as a means of education and understanding." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Stand firm in Faith~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"This design was inspired by a deep rooted drive to be resilient! Fighting the good fight isn't easy. It's can be hard to speak truth to power. It is important to buy this shirt as a constant reminder to Stand firm in Faith. We hope this shirt provides the motivation you need to help change the world." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Perception~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"This design was inspired by a conversation I had with a group of my friends. We were discussing how the way a lot of people perceive Muslims in almost a bipolar way. Muslims are either really bad or all they see is Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, may Allah be pleased with them. This design is meant to illustrate this and a commentary on how our perception is shaped by what we allow to enter our minds." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Creative Muslim~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"This design was created as a tribute to the Creative Muslim brand. Creative Muslim gave me the opportunity to express myself through design. We are always looking for ways to visualize the way we feel about the things that are happening around us and inside of us and I can not be more grateful to Creative Muslim for giving me the ability to actualize my creativity." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Sunnah~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"As a Muslim living in the city of Philadelphia, two things are very important to me, the way I practice my faith and the city in which I do it. This piece was designed as an expression of those things. Muslims have been gifted the Quran and the Sunnah. The Quran is where the teachings come from but the Sunnah is the practical example of those teachings. The Prophet sws was described as the walking Quran because in he did, he exemplified the Quran. Philadelphia is also very important to me because Islam thrives here. Islam is in the streets wherever you go. Some 20% of the population in Philadelphia is Muslim. The shirt is special to me because it is my why and sharing the things that are important to me." - Ibrahim Souadda

~Vibe~ Designed By: Ibrahim Souadda

"Google defines Vibe as, "a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others." One of my goals through this design is that those who wear it make other people feel good by following in the way of our beloved Messenger sws and smiling wherever they go. I pray this shirt inspires people to smile and gives off good vibes to those they interact with." - Ibrahim Souadda

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