The First Admendment The bill of rights

Assembly:A group of people together to protector on something that can be unfair or is unfair.People have the right to tell others how bad or mean it is to anything.These people would gather up and then tell whoever the purpose they are there for. Today we group together to argue.


Petition:A request for other’s to agree on something your fighting for and they could sign it to try and tell the government that other’s think this is not right.

Press:The freedom to right whatever you want without being told it’s not allowed to be written,press is the ability to tell whatever you want in a written form.

Religion:The freedom of religion is to have the ability to follow whatever kind of religion you want to,you can practice and take place in what religion you choose to participate in,this right can not be taken away from you and will always stay the same.

Speech:The freedom of speech is the ability to say whatever you want to and you can tell the message or describe it in any way or form and this right can not be taken away from the people.

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