Welcome to Rarotonga Cook Islands

Rarotonga, an island of the Cook islands

Rarotonga is the largest island out of the 15 island associated with the label "Cook Islands". The island of Rarotonga is around 32km the whole way around. but in such a small area, Rarotonga has a lot to offer for tourists. You can, Scuba dive, snorkel, Paddle board yoga, visit the locals, watch a cultural dance, visit beaches, go to lookouts/gardens and many other activities to do.

Australia and the Cook Islands

Flights: So, to get from Sydney, Australia to Rarotonga, Cook islands. Its an international flight that takes 10 hrs, But only 3 airlines fly to Rarotonga ( Qantas, Air New Zealand and Virgin) But personally i would fly Virgin. But Im not going to be going by myself, but i would go with my whole family (5 people) so a premium economy fair for 5 people on Virgin is around $758 pp. which as a total for 5 people is $3790

Palm Grove, Rarotonga

Accomodation: Rarotonga is a beautiful place, but you have to be careful on which side of the island you stay on because the East side there is minimal wind but on the West Side it is known for windy weather. There are many hotels to choose from depending on what you want eg: Free parking and free breakfast, Pool, etc. So i would be staying at the Avana waterfront apartments which has a rating of 9.2 out of 10, it also includes a swimming pool, free parking, airport shuttle, beachfront location and family rooms. this is all the things that i would need to sell this accommodation to me so this is where i would stay. This comes to a price of $2463 for 7 nights and 5 people

Accommodation: If you are wanting more of a beachfront style holiday, Palm Grove is perfect. You wake up, walk onto your balcony and welcome to the beach. it includes free parking and breakfast and ratings are around 8 out of 10 and above. Its good for you if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday.

Palm Grove

Food Around the Hotel: Around the Avana Waterfront apartments, there is 6 restaurants. these restaurants are mainly for lunch and dinner but some of them are cafes and fish and chips shops. So there is a variety depending on what you are feeling that day

When Is The Best Time To Go?: For the best experience at Rarotonga, you would want the best weather, so the best time of year to go to Rarotonga is from May to October, which is classified the "dry season"

Wanting some alone time?: In Rarotonga, at some hotels there is kids clubs but if you stay at the hotel where you want to be, there are babysitters around the island and also child minding services.

Total: So with everything i would want to do in Rarotonga, my price would be around $7753. This price includes accommodation, Return flights, and an extra $1500 for food, activities and souvenirs

By Megan Bright 7I 2018


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