Florida Museum of Natural History Good Life Nature Activity

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Columbian Mammoth

Nature on Display

The columbian mammoth fossil in display at the entrance of the museum literally stuck out to me. Its enormous size put me in perspective for a brief moment and made me realize the utter power of nature. The fact that the mammoth was found in Florida astounded me as I imagined mammoths only roamed in the traditionally recognized arctic areas of the world whereas now I understand they lived in open savannas and grasslands and ate mostly grass. I also imagined mammoths to be quite a bit smaller and closer to the size of modern elephants and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. At 13 feet high, this towering feat of nature surely made me realize how small I was in comparison and humbled me in a way.

Butterfly Rainforest

Butterflies and birds in the Butterfly Rainforest; pictures taken by Kevin Fernandez

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics

Stepping foot inside the butterfly rainforest was quite the experience. As the security told me to close the first door behind me before I opened the next, I knew I was in for a real treat. The butterfly rainforest was something that I hadn't experienced in a while. It felt like a novel experience, almost childlike. I remember thinking of the similarities to Jurassic Park it had in terms of pure aura and the elegance of the plants and the freedom of the animals. The colorful birds brightened by day and I was lucky to get really good close pictures of them. The playful butterflies frolicked overhead and it revealed a sense of wonder I had not felt in some time. In the butterfly rainforest, I felt at ease with the butterflies as they were with my presence. I got to awe at their beauty, something that we take for granted and don't appreciate very often. It brings to mind the fact that to experience such a close encounter with nature, one has to go to a museum. It's unfortunate that more of this isn't as easy to access in nature given the poor way we treat our lands. Overall, this exhibit reminded me that we're all part of nature and we have a responsibility to keep nature serene and lively by promising to take better care of it.

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Seminole and Miccosukee Arts

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit shed light on a cultural beauty that also represented a profound connection with nature not understood by most. It was a slew of shirts, capes, skirts, dolls, and necklaces by most the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes of Florida. There were some hand-woven baskets and containers for food. This exhibit certainly shows what it means to live with nature and coexist in harmony while carrying out one's personal duties with the help of nature. The beautiful patchwork not seen anywhere else is a reminder of cultures that found spirit in nature and survived by believing in nature and its power. There is something we can learn about the human spirit here; that while destruction and consumerism seems to rot a group of us humans, it is refreshing to see a culture that lives through nature happily and cherishes the beauty of nature. It is striking how much power nature has over us yet we seem adamant towards believing that basic fact. Our place in the universe lies closely with nature and it takes the coexistence of our humanity with nature to better appreciate the majesty at hand and reflect on our place in the universe in a humbler tone.

Thank you for joining me in my visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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