Personal Finance Section 7.2


Imagine that you or someone you know personally is a victim of identity theft. What might you/he/she have done that made you vulnerable to identity theft? What can you/he/she do to protect your personal information in the future?


Some things that I can do to protect myself from identify is:

  • Pay by credit card (your transaction is protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act)
  • Protect your information (don't email any financial information)
  • Check the privacy policy (it should let you know what personal information the website operators are collecting)
  • Keep your social security number private

How I can keep personal information secure:

  • Be alert to impersonators (don't give any information out in email or phone format if you were not the one to initiate contact)
  • Safely dispose of personal information (make sure to clear your computer before you dispose of it)
  • Encrypt your data
  • Keep your passwords private
  • Don't overshare on personal social networking sites

If my information was stolen, it could be one or many of these things that was the cause to make me or my information vulnerable. Something I can do to prevent it from happening in the future is to be cautious of all of the ways I handle my personal information, in every way, whether it be on social media, over the phone, or through online shopping.

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