Hidden secrets Journey of seeing janie as "Tropy wife" to jody in chapter 5

By QuentinTateJr and Victoria Justiniano

When Jody and Janie showed up to town he became mayor very fast. "she must look on herself as the bell-cow, the other woman were the gang" Page (41). Jody says she's a bell cow because he thinks she is consider better then the other woman in the town. So he shows her off as if she was a prize.

Jody started letting the power get to his head and didn't see Janine as a person anymore. He started seeing her as a title. Page (46) "Well, honey, how yuh lab bein' Mrs. Mayor?" This means Jody only sees her as The mayors wife and starts following it.

Jody has to be control of everything and doesn't care what other people think or feel. Page (49) " ah often wondered how dat lil wife of uh hisn makes out wild him,cause he's uh man dat changes everything, but nothin' don't change him" this proves that even townspeople even notice that Jody controls Janie.

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