Germany Shania Copes

Politics: Germany has a multi- party system. It is a parliament democracy governed under a constitution of 1949. There is a President, Joachim Gauck, but he does not have much power over the government. There is also a Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is head of the german government. Though Germany's government is divided in 16 states and each state has its own government, though it can not handle any foreign affairs or finance, that would be left up to the federal government.

Economics: The german currency was the Deutsche Mark, but in 2002 they switched over to euro. The switch took place on January 1st 2002, and marks stopped being collected on February 28th. Credit cards are not widely accepted in most parts of Germany. Since the switch of marks to euro, Germany never set a dead line of when you had to trade in your marks so they are still accepted. The National Bank of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank, are still collecting marks to trade over to euro.

German euro and marks
German Marks

Religion- Christian religion is up to 65% to 70% of the population in Germany. They have had a 1300 year tradition with Christianity. They are mostly split between Lutheran and Roman Catholic church.

Social Structure: The social structure in Germany is high. Germany is one of the countries with the highest standard of living. They are a developed country when it comes to life expectancy and per- capital income to healthcare, accident insurance, unemployment support, and other insurance of protection. The principal of weal-fair are insured in Germany's Basic Law.

Industry: Germany has many leading industry forces. With automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, IT telecommunications, and many more being their leading force and drive for industry. 40% of the industry was manufacturing before unification in 1875. Since then Germany has a labor force of 43.7 million.

Cars brands that were made in Germany

Arts and Entertainment

Das land der dichter und denker

Which means, the land of poets and thinkers. Germany is oh- so famous for their art and history. There is a vast range of entertainment options one can chose from. Museums, and exhibits are very popular in german art culture. The most popular art fairs are held in Germany, which includes the worlds largest contemporary art exhibit "Documenta". It is held in Kassel and only happens every five years and last one hundred days.

One of the many amuesment parks in Germany.
(Die deutschen Alpen) The German Alps


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